Where Can ScanSource Take You?

  • Kate Menzer-Royals Stadium

  • Kim Gibson-Black Balsam Knob

  • Kyle Dewitt-Staten Island

Spotlight: Yvette McKenzie, Vice President, Merchandising

We are excited to announce that Yvette has rejoined ScanSource Communications as Vice President of Merchandising. ...... Learn more »

Polycom Workspace Design Service

Whether looking for new technology solutions to modernize conference rooms or looking to refresh huddle rooms – Polycom provides guidance on the right technology and the appropriate space-planning decisions to make ideal use of the office environment. Download Polycom’s Workspace Design Process document to get all the information you need on just one page!...Learn more...

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Customer Testimonials

  • “Thanks to the efforts and dedication of my Account Executive, Russell Giessen, we were able to bring in a well-deserved and hard-to-acquire service contract with BMC at the 23rd hour. Russell has been accommodating, beyond reasonable expectations, providing multiple iterations requested in the process, with a high level of effort and endless patience required. He is a true asset to your team and equally as valuable to mine.”

    David Kaminsky

  • “Thank you [Erik Blubaugh] for always being there for us when we need to ‘push things along’…like at the end of the quarter for ANY support agreements...We also want to say YOU are unique from almost all of our other vendor reps. YOU actually respond and offer assistance when ATI needs it, as opposed to others who only contact ATI at the end of a quarter asking us what orders we can place so THEY can meet their quotas. You are a person who actually personifies the ‘partnership’ that ATI hopes for with our vendors, and we want you to know that we appreciate you very much."

    Rick Kehoe
    Advanced Telecommunications of Illinois

  • “Thank you for the incredible trip to Lake Tahoe! Wow! The sheer beauty of the landscape and the fantastic food paled in comparison to the people. I’ve not attended many small group trips like this, and it is refreshing to know our hard work and effort don’t go go unnoticed. If the intent was to motivate me to new heights with ShoreTel and ScanSource, please consider this a huge success.”

    Trent Smith of Van Ausdall & Farrar, Inc. on ShoreTel's Beyond Expectations program