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Welcome to the Dialogic product portfolio!

Dialogic offers one of the richest portfolios of communications products that elevate the performance of your most innovative mobile, video, IP and TDM solutions. Our products are designed to exceed the most demanding needs of any-to-any connectivity across multi-generational networks.

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    Dialogic PowerMedia XMS

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS is a powerful, next-generation, software media server that enables standards-based, real-time multimedia communications solutions for mobile and broadband environments. PowerMedia XMS supports standard media control interfaces such as MSML, VxML, NetAnn, and JSR 309,...read more
  • dialogic-powermediahmp

    Dialogic PowerMedia HMP

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Dialogic® PowerMedia™ HMP for Windows (HMP Windows) is scalable, feature-rich media processing software for building innovative and cost-effective voice solutions suitable for enterprise or service provider deployment....read more
  • dialogic-dmg1000

    Dialogic Media Gateways (DMG)

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    The Dialogic® 1000 Media Gateway Series (DMG1000 Gateways) allows for a well-planned, phased migration to an IP network, making the gateways a smart solution for enterprises looking to enhance their legacy PBX equipment with new VoIP access and applications. Connected between a PBX or a digital...read more
  • dialogic-trufax

    Dialogic Brooktrout Fax Boards

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    The Dialogic® Brooktrout® TruFax® Fax Boards offer small businesses and departmental workgroups dependable network fax capabilities. These intelligent fax boards support a variety of applications, such as fax server and workflow fax, and offer enterprise-level quality and performance to...read more
  • Brooktrout SR140

    Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 Fax-over-IP Software

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Offer your customers a host-based fax-over-IP engine that leverages field-proven fax technology to deliver high levels of performance, reliability, and scalability. The Brooktrout SR140 is suitable for high-speed, high-density fax production environments in both enterprise data centers and hosted s...read more
  • dialogic-img1004

    Dialogic Integrated Media Gateways (IMG)

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Dialogic® IMG 1004 Integrated Media Gateway is a carrier-ready VoIP gateway that supports both media and signaling in a single chassis. It allows service providers to add new telephony services quickly, and gives them a clear migration path to an all-IP network. The IMG 1004 brings the value pr...read more
  • dialogic-powerville-load-balancer

    PowerVille Load Balancer

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    The Dialogic® PowerVille™ LB is a software-based, high-performance, cloud-ready, purpose-built, and fully optimized network traffic load-balancer - uniquely designed to meet challenges for today’s demanding Real-Time Communication infrastructure in both carrier a...read more
  • dialogic-apps-box2

    PowerVille Applications

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    In the 30+ years that Dialogic has been delivering enabling technologies to developers of communications applications, the goal has always been to help developers create new and innovative applications faster, and make them more efficient. Dialogic software applications are available in many forms ...read more
  • dialogic-canvas

    Dialogic and WebRTC

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    WebRTC is designed to send media directly via peers. Often this occurs between two clients, but many applications require the server to act as a media peer....read more
  • dialogic-d240-480-600jct-boards

    Dialogic JCT Media Boards and Software

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Dialogic® JCT Media Boards and Software Products are a family of robust software and hardware products for the integration of multiple applications into a single platform. Its key target application areas are Voice, Speech, Conferencing, Fax, Unified Messaging, Remote Access, CTI and IVR....read more
  • dialogic-diva-v-2pri

    Dialogic Diva Media Boards and Software

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    The Dialogic® Diva® Media Boards and the Diva® Software Products provide a future proof and extremely flexible platform for the implementation of communication solutions. The main design goal of all Diva products has been to provide “ease of use” and “re-usability of...read more
  • dialogic-cg-series

    Dialogic NMS CG Media Boards and Software

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Dialogic® CG Media Boards and Software Products provide highly available, high-density platforms for developers of large-scale unified messaging, call center, network announcement, IVR, color ring-back tone, and VoIP solutions. CG Series Media Boards feature up to 16 software-selectable T1/E1 p...read more