AudioCodes CloudBond 365

Building on the success of One Box 365, and re-imaged to help address some of the industry’s most pressing challenges, AudioCodes is excited to announce CloudBond 365, part of the AudioCodes One Voice for Skype family. This next generation solution allows companies to enjoy the full potential of Skype for Business, while providing the flexibility desired to leverage the power and promise of the Cloud. CloudBond 365 is a modular, adaptable solution tailored for hybrid environments that combines the best of the Skype for Business server, the Microsoft Cloud PBX, and the service provider’s voice services.


• Simple and fast way to leverage desired cloud communication capabilities
• Improved voice and conferencing quality over a remote hosted platform/cloud only solution
• Provides voice survivability in case of WAN failure
• Full unified communications without cloud limitations
• Combined with AudioCodes IP phones and management tools, this is a true one-stop-shop solution
• Approved Microsoft hybrid split domain architecture + cloud connectivity

 Key Features

• Skype for Business server roles and Media Gateway/Session Border Controllers (SBC) all in one box
• Intuitive GUI for self-management
• Fully licensed SQL Server and Windows Server included
• Full PBX enterprise voice features
• Scales from tens of users to 5,000 users

New and Improved Features

• Support for MSFT Cloud PBX architecture
• Backup and Restore Solution
• Upgraded Management Suite w/Device Manager
• Refreshed UI
• Library of certified 3rd party applications
• License pools allowing hosters/service provides to dynamically allocate license capacity

The versatility of CloudBond 365 allows for leveraging the appliance in several scenarios. The solution is based on the Microsoft-approved hybrid split domain architecture, in which the full enterprise voice users are registered on the AudioCodes CloudBond 365 device while the cloud voice users are registered to Cloud PBX. AudioCodes CloudBond 365’s unique Active Directory and cloud connectors ensure that users are synchronized with the company’s existing Active Directory (Office 365 or on-premises), without having to make any changes to it.

Single Site/HQ

From SMB up to 5,000 enterprise users, CloudBond 365 can be deployed as the main voice infrastructure, connecting to Office 365/Cloud PBX or in a standalone mode. Leveraging the native capabilities of the Skype for Business server, CloudBond 365 can also be deployed in disaster recovery (all models) or full high availability modalities (CloudBond 365 Pro and Enterprise Edition only).

Branch Sites

Providing full survivability and local PSTN termination, CloudBond 365 is an ideal solution for obtaining maximum communications performance for remote branches. Whether it is connected to the main HQ server deployment or a partner hosted platform, branch users can enjoy uninterrupted optimal service for all communications modalities, even in the case of a WAN failure.

Cloud PBX Local PSTN Connectivity Hybrid Scenario

CloudBond 365 provides connectivity to the cloud on the one hand and to the PSTN on the other. It facilitates a simple migration with a hybrid approach, starting with only some users registered to the loud and other registered to the on-premises CloudBond 365. CloudBond 365 can support the hybrid Cloud PBX-local PSTN connectivity scenario in a variety of ways including:

  • A greenfield deployment in which there was no prior implementation of a Lync/Skype for Business infrastructure and the company wants to migrate some, but not all of its users to the Cloud
  • A full cloud deployment for headquarters users while remote branches use the local PSTN
  • An existing Lync/Skype for Business infrastructure where the customer may want to leave office users homed in the on-premises infrastructure for full PSTN and PBX capabilities but may also want to migrate information workers to cloud PBX