An essential component of your call recording solution

The SmartWORKS HPX is an essential component of your call recording solution that provides packet filtering and media forwarding for IP-PBXs. The HPX is designed to service low- to medium-density solutions and is capable of monitoring and forwarding 480 concurrently active calls. When combined with the IPM-260 and/or AudioCodes Soft Recorder, the HPX provides complete event triggering, call state reporting and media processing for many of the industry-leading IP-PBXs.

  • Tapping Environment
    The HPX is the first software-only SmartWORKS blade. The host computer’s NIC card can be connected directly to an available mirror port. When used in conjunction with a TX100, it can be connected passively anywhere within the IP-PBX configuration.

    Session Management
    The HPX includes a Session Manager for tracking calls and media sessions on the IP network. Each media session is treated independently with a unique session ID. Your application can easily manage call forwarding with the session IDs provided by the HPX software using the SmartWORKS API.

    Station Management
    Automatically locates all VoIP stations on the network and assigns a unique ID to each endpoint. HPX dynamically identifies phones as they are added to the network and reports when they are removed.

    • Eliminates need for hardware
    • Multiple PBX/Protocol Support
    • Runs without a PCI slot
    • Flexible Event Triggering
    • RTP Forwarding
    • Uses SmartWORKS API
    • Supports 10/100/1000 network interfaces
    • Decodes proprietary VoIP signaling as well as standard SIP and H.323
    • Scalable - 1 to N sessions support per server. 480 session support tested and certified. HPX performance limited by server capabilities and network bandwidth. It may be possible to exceed 480 sessions
  • Hardware Requirements Minimum - Dual Core CPU, 1 Gig RAM or better
    Recommended - Xeon 1.86 Quad Core CPU, 2 Gig Ram or better – Certified for 480 Monitoring and Forwarding
    Windows XP, 2003 and 2008 32 bit, Windows 64 bit planned
    IP Interface Designed to support RFC 355

    Product Information

    VoIP Protocols Cisco Call Manager (Skinny)
    Avaya Office Manager (H.323), IP Office
    Ericsson (H.323)
    Nortel (Unistem/SIP)
    SIP (Station Side/ Trunk Side)
    H.323 (Station Side/ Trunk Side)
    Alcatel OmniPCX 4400
    Siemens Hi-Path 4000
    Intel CS-5200
    NEC NEAX 2400
    ShoreTel (VOX only)
    RTP Forwarding Certified for forwarding 480 full duplex media sessions
    Application Performance Capacity to monitor from 1 to N active VoIP endpoints limited by license. Certified for 480 monitoring and forwarding
    HPX performance limited by server capabilities and network bandwidth. It may be possible to exceed 480 sessions

    Optional Accessories

    TX100 North America 910.0331.003
    19” Rack Mount Kit (Maximum 3) 910.0331.005
    TX100 Universal 910.0331.002
    Blank Panel 910.0331.006
    TX100i 910.0331.004
    Soft Recorder 910.0904.001
    IPX-C 901.0331.007

    Order Information

    HPX Dongle 910-0332-001
    Monitoring 910-0908-001
    Forwarding 910-0907-001
    Soft Recorder 910-0904-001