Application flexibility. Passive circuitry.

AudioCodes’ TX100 provides two active connections to IP network monitoring equipment such as AudioCodes IPX-C and IPR or AudioCodes IPM260.

The TX100 can be placed anywhere in the configuration between two network devices. Designed with passive circuitry, the TX100’s access point does not introduce a point of failure in the network, even if there is no power to the device. The traffic from the access point is amplified and balanced for connection to network monitoring equipment. Upstream and downstream traffic are separated for improved application flexibility.

    • Provides two active connections to network monitoring equipment
    • Separate connections for monitoring upstream and downstream traffic
    • Passive access point to 10/100 Base-T network devices and traffic
    • Network transparent, this device does not require a Mac/IP address
    • Compatible with all major manufacturers’ networks
  • Dimensions

    1 1/4”H x 5 9/16” W x 5 1/4” D

    Power Supply

    12Vdc, 200mA


    Safety CB Certificate
    Emissions UL 6950
    IEC61.000 FCC Part 15
    Cispr 22
    Immunity EN55024