AudioCodes RX50 Conference Phone

AudioCodes RX50 conference phone delivers an exceptional meeting-room experience with outstanding audio quality in rooms of any shape or size

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The AudioCodes RX50 conference phone, developed in partnership with Dolby®, is packaged in a sleek, modern design and is impressively easy-to-use and manage.

Leveraging advanced audio-quality technology and dynamic leveling, the RX50 produces clear, natural-sounding voice quality, regardless of acoustic room design (wall contour and surface material). Full-room pickup and dynamic leveling automatically increase the volume of quiet or distant voices, while unwanted noise is filtered—ensuring every participant's voice is heard regardless of room shape, size, or orientation within the room.

Sharing the intuitive design principles standard in every AudioCodes IP phone, the RX50 conference phone’s touchscreen user interface simplifies meeting and device management. It's fully integrated with the AudioCodes Device Manager, for centralized management and monitoring by the enterprise IT team.