Complete Voice and Video over IP media processing solution

The IPM-8410 (IPmedia) blade is a complete Voice and Video over IP media processing solution, providing high density and high performance IP and PSTN capabilities on a single Compact PCI blade. Based on AudioCodes’ best-of-breed VoIP infrastructure and its extensive experience in this field, the IPM-8410 blade utilizes well-known IP Network advantages, enabling powerful and flexible distributed system architecture for enhanced media service applications. The IPM-8410 is a hot-swappable blade designed for carrier grade applications, and compliant with telecom and safety regulations.

Converging Voice, Video, Fax and Modem
The IPM-8410 is a high-density blade that enables voice, video, fax and modem on a single blade, significantly reducing the third party hardware footprint inside the customers’ system. Additionally, by utilizing the blades’ scalability feature, users have the opportunity to begin development by using only partial scale density and features.

Deliver Feature-Rich Solutions
A wide selection of voice and video processing capabilities which include conferencing, transcoding, advanced IVR functionalities and more are available on the IPM-8410 blade. The blade supports many industry-standard voice coders for wireline, wireless, cable and cellular networks, as well as a comprehensive suite of media processing features, such as G.168-2004 compliant echo cancellation, T.38 real-time fax over IP, and a wide selection of in-band and out-of-band tone detection and generation.

Comply with Industry Standard
The IPM-8410 complies with industry standard network protocols including SIP and MEGACO (H.248) for the IP signaling protocols as well as PSTN signaling protocols such as ISDN PRI, SigTran (M2UA, M3UA, IUA) and CAS. AudioCodes SIP protocol supports the latest RFCs and drafts including the well-developed and mature MSCML protocol. AudioCodes maintains continuous interoperability tests along the control protocol spectrum and complies with industry-leading vendors.

Advanced Security Suite
With the advent of VoIP, security is becoming more and more important. The IPM-8410 addresses customer's security concerns, offering advanced security capabilities which include SRTP, TLS, IPSec and SSL.

    • Converged voice and video on a single IMS compliant carrier-grade cPCI blade
    • Acts as MRFP (H.248) or MRF (SIP) network element blade
    • Enables enhanced voice and video multimedia services on next generation converged packet-based networks such as: 3G and 4G mobile networks, PacketCable and Triple/Quadrupled play, IPTV and fixed networks
    • Delivers a cost-effective, right sized solution for high capacity deployments that demand full featured server functionality
    • Supports field-proven AudioCodes PSTN and IP interfaces
    • Enables scalable distributed architecture
  •   Up to 2,016 Audio channels, 200 Video channels and 42 E1/T1 spans

    Media Processing Modules

    DTMF and Detectors Call progress tones
    Voice Activity Detection (VAD)
    DTMF detection and generation in-band/out-band (RFC 2833)
    Announcements Language Support
    Variables Support (i.e. Dates, Currency, etc.)
    Playback and Record Audio and Video Play/Record
    Audio Files: .WAV, .AU, .RAW
    Video Files: .MP4, .3GP
    Transcoding Audio and Video transcoding (any Coder to any Coder)
    Video translating (adjusting bit and frame rates)
    Video resizing (adjusting resolutions)
    Audio Conferencing Up to 256 active speakers and up to 2000 listeners per conference mix
    Modes: Moderator, Passive, Mute, Drop, Coaching
    Volume and AGC Control per participant
    Video Conferencing Switch Mode (VAD/Timer), Mixed Mode (up to 3x3) and Hybrid
    Text and Graphic Overlay
    Speech ASR, TTS
    General CALEA support
    Trunk testing per GR-822, tests: TL 100, 102 and 105

    Media Formats

    Voice Comfort Noise Generation, Echo Cancellation up to 128ms, AGC
    Fax T.38
    Audio Coders G.711 PCM 64 Kbps (μ-law/A-law)
    G.726/G.727 ADPCM/E-ADPCM (16 to 40 Kbps)
    G.729AB CS-ACELP, 8.0 Kbps
    G.723.1 MP-MLQ, 6.3 Kbps ACELP, 5.3 Kbps
    Multiple UMTS, GSM, CDMA vocoders
    Voice Coders MPEG4, H.263, H.264
    Up to 384 Kbps
    Up to 30 fps

    Control and Management

    Control Protocols H.248, MGCP, PacketCable Packages, SIP, MSCML, NETANN and VoiceXML
    Management SNMP v3, Embedded Web Server, Centralized Element Management System


    Ethernet Dual redundant 100/1000 Base-T Ethernet ports via 2 x RJ-45 connectors
    PSTN 42 E1/T1 spans


    Form Factor 6U cPCI blade
    Physical Interfaces PSTN – E1/T1– 42 trunks on RTM SCSI connector
    Ethernet – 2 GBE I/F on RTM (copper on RJ-45)
    Power 10A at 3.3V; 11A at 5V; 0.7A at 12V