High-performance cPCI VoIP communication platform

The TP-8410 (TrunkPack) is a feature rich, high-density, high-performance cPCI VoIP communication platform, supporting up to 42 E1/T1 PSTN spans and up to 2,016 channel interfaces. Based on AudioCodes' highly rated VoIP infrastructure and extensive experience in the field, the TP-8410 enables powerful and flexible distributed system architecture for enhanced media gateway implementations and deployments. The TP-8410 is a hot-swappable blade designed for carrier-grade applications, and is compliant with telecom and safety regulations.

Deliver Feature-Rich Solutions
The TP-8410 supports a broad selection of voice processing algorithms, which include wireline, wireless, cable, cellular and wideband (VoBB) vocoders, G.168 echo cancellation, T.38 fax relay and a wide range of in-band and out-band tone detection and generation. Additionally, the TP-8410 supports signaling protocols including ISDN PRI, CAS, SS7 and SIGTRAN.

Comply with Industry Standards
The TP-8410 complies with industry-standard network control protocols, including SIP as well as AudioCodes’ proprietary API. This allows the implementation of a distributed gateway architecture that separates call processing functionalities from media processing functionalities. This in turn results in improved redundancy, scalability and higher system availability.

Advanced Security Suite
With the advent of VoIP, security is becoming a crucial challenge. The TP-8410 Media Gateway addresses these concerns, offering advanced security capabilities, which include SRTP for the media, IPSec for the control and OAM, and TLS for SIP.

    • Converges media and signaling gateways on a single blade
    • Up to 2,016 bi-directional independent channels
    • Offers a cost-effective, scalable solution up to 42 E1/T1 PSTN spans
    • Provides a large selection of wireline, wireless, cable and wideband (VoBB) vocoders
    • Allows advanced security features including IPSec, TLS and SRTP
    • Supports IP packet-to-packet mediation – with or without transcoding
    • Audio capabilities
    • Complete media gateway on a blade
    • Up to 2,016 IP bi-directional channels for voice and fax sessions
    • Up to 42 E1/T1 PSTN interfaces for voice and fax sessions
    • Signaling: ISDN PRI, CAS and SS7
    • Dual gigabit ethernet ports for redundancy
    • Support for wideband vocoders (VoBB) including G.722 and AMR-WB
  • Capacity Scalable solution
    Up to 2,016 bi-directional channels for voice, fax and modem
    Up to 42 E1/T1 PSTN spans
    Voice Compression G.711, G.723, G.726/7, G.729A/B
    GSM-FR, AMR (8 Rates), iLBC
    Wideband coders (VoBB): G.722, AMR-WB
    IP Transport IETF RFC3550 and RFC3551 IP/RTP transport
    GSM/UMA (AMR): RFC3267
    Echo Cancellation G.168-2004 compliant with tail of 32, 64 and 128 ms
    In-band/Out-of-band Signaling DTMF, MF and Call Progress Tone (CPT) Detection and Generation
    Fax Relay Real-time fax over IP/T.38 compliant, Support for fax termination
    Transcoding (Packet-to-packet mediation) Transcoding from low bitrate coder to high bitrate coder or to a different low bitrate coder
    Security IPSec for control protocols and management
    TLS for SIP
    HTTPS for Web
    SRTP and AES for data plane security
    VLAN and IP separation support for OAM, control and media traffic
    Integrated firewall (access list setting)
    Control Protocols SIP implemented according to RFC3261
    AudioCodes proprietary API

    General Capabilities

    Management Interface SNMP V2 and SNMP V3: Standard MIB-2, RTP MIB, DS1 MIB, AudioCodes’ Proprietary MIB
    On-board Embedded Web Server


    PSTN Protocols CAS T1 robbed bit, MF-R1, MFC-R2 (numerous country variants), DTMF tone detection and generation
    CCS ISDN PRI: numerous country variants including ETSI EURO ISDN, ANSI NI2, DMS, 5ESS Japan INS1500, V5.2AN
    SS7 MTP2, MTP3
    SIGTRAN M2UA, M3UA, IUA over SCTP (RFC2960)

    Hardware Specifications

    Physical Interfaces Form factor – 6U cPCI blade
    PSTN – E1/T1 – trunks on RTM SCSI connector
    Ethernet - 2 GBE I/F on RTM (copper on RJ-45)
    Power 42 spans hardware configuration: 10A at 3.3V; 11A at 5V; 0.9 A at 12V
    16 spans hardware configuration: 6A at 3.3V; 3A at 5V; 0.9 A at 12V