Extensive mediation capabilities and proven interoperability

The Server Edition runs on dedicated, common off-the-shelf servers and is aimed at service provider access environments.

    • Meets demands for data center infrastructure harmonization and NFV
    • Simplifies deployments for service providers and enterprises
    • Offers comprehensive security, interoperability and reliability
    • Designed for high service performance and voice quality
    • Based on the same software as AudioCodes’ hardware Mediant SBC
    • Available for both dedicated and virtualized server environments
    • Designed to run on Intel x86-based servers for high performance
    • Includes both SBC application and hardened Linux operating system
    • System snapshots for quick system recovery
    • High packet throughput through optimized network path
    • Advanced voice quality monitoring reporting
    • CDR generation
    • Media replication for recording through SIPREC
  • End User Service providers OEM
    • SIP trunking
    • Service provider access SBC
    Maximum Sessions 5,000 (4-core)
    16,000 (8-core)
    Maximum Registrations 24,000