Designed for a virtualized IT infrastructure

The Virtual Edition is aimed at enterprises and carriers who have chosen to virtualize their IT infrastructure. In addition, it is targeted at software vendors looking to integrate their application with an SBC on a single physical platform.

    • Meets demands for data center infrastructure harmonization and NFV
    • Simplifies deployments for service providers and enterprises
    • Offers comprehensive security, interoperability and reliability
    • Designed for high service performance and voice quality
    • Based on the same software as AudioCodes’ hardware Mediant SBC
    • Available for both dedicated and virtualized server environments
    • Designed to run on Intel x86-based servers for high performance
    • Includes both SBC application and hardened Linux operating system
    • System snapshots for quick system recovery
    • High packet throughput through optimized network path
    • Advanced voice quality monitoring reporting
    • CDR generation
    • Media replication for recording through SIPREC
  • End User
    • Enterprise
    • ISVs and OEMs service providers
    • SIP trunking
    • Branch survivability
    • Service provider access SBC
    Maximum Sessions 2,000
    Maximum Registrations 10,000