Cost-effective solution for analog telephones and faxes

The MP-20x series of analog telephone adapters are cost-effective, advanced products, which allow the connection of ordinary analog telephones or fax machines to a voice over broadband (VoBB) service.

As a member of the MediaPack series of gateways, the MP-20x series of telephone adapters are well-suited for commercial VoIP deployments. Field-proven voice and fax technology and a feature-rich design make these telephone adapters an excellent choice for voice over broadband (VoBB) service providers and operators.

Designed for Residential and SOHO IP Telephony
The MP-20x series is designed for the rapidly growing residential and Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) VoIP market. The MP-20x series typically connects to an existing broadband internet device (cable, DSL modem or fixed wireless), and establishes a communications path with the service provider network via its IP Uplink connection. The MP-20x series supports a rich set of subscriber calling features such as caller ID, call forwarding, and call waiting, all while maintaining a uniform user experience when migrating to VoIP services. Additionally, the MP-20x series serves as a router and supports the connectivity of home PC Networks.

Benefits from Extensive Experience
Utilizing AudioCodes’ VoIPerfect™ core architecture, and gaining from its accumulated experience in providing IP telephony solutions, the MP-20x series combines premium voice quality and cutting-edge features for end users, such as T.38 fax relay and G.168-2004 compliant echo cancellation. Low bit rate vocoders can be used simultaneously on all the telephony ports to save valuable bandwidth.

The MP-20x series is designed for interoperability with leading softswitches and SIP servers for deployment in various network environments.

    • Residential and SOHO telephony VoIP Gateway for Voice over Broadband (VoBB) networks
    • Up to 4 FXS ports connecting to POTS phones or fax machines
    • Provides toll quality voice compression
    • Robust fax handling with support for T.38
    • Integrated router including Firewall, NAT and smart traffic prioritization
    • Supports a rich set of subscriber calling features
    • Easy integration into existing VoIP networks
    • Mass deployment provisioning with TR-069 support and remote provisioning
    • Broad interoperability list of Softswitches and SIP servers
    • Up to 4 FXS ports for connecting POTS phones or fax machines in case of power failure
    • WAN and LAN Ethernet ports for internal routing
    • Bridge mode or full router functionality with DHCP, NAT, Firewall and configurable routing logic
    • Premium voice quality
      1. Prioritization of voice over data traffic ensuring voice quality
      2. Based on AudioCodes’ robust, 3rd generation VoIPerfect™ technology
      3. Dual core architecture ensures voice quality is maintained even during high CPU load
  • Supplementary Features Call Waiting, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Forward
    Local and Network 3-Way conferencing, Hot Line
    Analog Signaling Caller ID, MWI, Polarity Reversal, Distinctive Ringing
    DTMF Relay - RFC 2833, DTMF via SIP INFO
    Hook Flash - Local Processing or Relay
    Configurable Call Progress tones

    Media Processing

    Voice Coders G.711, G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.726, iLBC*, GSM FR*
    Fax T.38, network delay up to 10 sec, VBD
    Echo Cancellation G.168-2004 compliant, 64 msec tail length
    Silence Suppression

    VAD, CNG

    Adaptive Jitter Buffer 300 msec
    Packetization RTP/RTCP Packetization – RFC 3550, 3551

    Protocol Support

    VoIP Signaling Protocols SIP – RFC 3261
    SIP over TLS
    MGCP – RFC 2705*
    Data Protocols and Features

    PPPoE – RFC 2516, PPTP, L2TP
    DNS, Dynamic DNS, Stun
    IEEE 802.1p/q (QoS and VLAN Tagging)
    Layer 2 switching or WAN to LAN Layer 3 routing with:

    • DHCP Client/Server – RFC 2132
    • RIP V1/V2 and static routing
    • NAT – RFC3022, Application Layer Gateway (ALG)
    • Voice over Data prioritization
    • QOS traffic shaping
    • SPI Firewall
    • URL filtering
    • Advance Access Control

    Provisioning and Management

    Provisioning Web Server for Configuration and Management
    Software and Configuration upgrade from
    Configuration file encryption (3DES)
    TR-069, TR-104
    Management Integrated SNMP agent
    CLI over Telnet
    Syslog support for debug and diagnostics
    LED Indications Power, Status LED, Ethernet activity, Phone activity
    LEDs indicate upgrade in process
    VoIP Softswitch Registration Status

    Physical Specifications

    Telephone Interfaces Up to 4 RJ-11 FXS port options
    1RJ-11 FXO port option
    Network Interface WAN, LAN I/F (Uplink): RJ-45 - 10/100 Base-T x2
    Power +12V DC, 0.6A
    Power adaptor: 110V AC/220V AC to 12V DC, 1A
    Dimensions 167x133x33 mm
    Environmental Operation: 50C - 400C, Storage: -250C - 850C

    Ordering Options

    MP-201B/1FXS/SIP MediaPack 201 VoIP Telephone Adapter including
    single FXS line, 1 WAN port, 1 LAN port
    MP-202B/2FXS/SIP MediaPack 202 VoIP Telephone Adapter including
    2 FXS lines, 1 WAN port, 1 LAN port
    MP-204B/4FXS/SIP MediaPack 204 VoIP Telephone Adapter including
    4 FXS lines, 1 WAN port, 1 LAN port