Turn meeting attendance into meaningful participation.

Barco offers an all-inclusive, wireless presentation and collaboration system called ClickShare—which allows anyone at the table to display content from his or her laptop, tablet, or smartphone onto the meeting-room screen, with just a click of a button. The elevated degree of participation increases the value of the time spent meeting with your team, and enables every associate to contribute more effectively to the meeting’s agenda and goals.

Depending on the specific need, ScanSource offers industry-leading ClickShare system options:
  • CSE-800 – up to eight users simultaneously on-screen, moderation, blackboarding, annotation
  • CSE-200+ – ultimate mobility with laptop, phone, tablet, etc., 4K output, dual-user screen sharing
  • CSE-200 – enriched, interactive, collaborative experiences for small- to medium-sized meeting rooms
  • CS-100 – the ideal solution for small meeting rooms where sharing content is a basic need 
  • CS-100 Huddle – excellent for spontaneous collaboration in flexible huddle spaces, with simple integration
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The CSE-800 features two HDMI inputs and outputs. There is a direct connection with legacy equipment and easy integration with conferencing systems, and two 4K DCI displays can be driven by a single base unit. Furthermore, the two network connections allow separate and simultaneous connection to multiple networks (e.g., guest and corporate networks), and provide additional security and convenience for users. Allowing up to eight people to share content simultaneously, the CSE-800 ensures connectivity to the central screen and encourages collaboration.

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CS-100 Huddle

The CS-100 Huddle brings quick, spontaneous collaboration to casual and employee-centric huddle spaces, and provides your enterprise a uniform meeting experience from huddle space to boardroom. You can share content from any device with the ClickShare app, seamlessly integrate within the company network, and enjoy the peace-of-mind of central management.

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The CSE-200+ brings enriched, interactive, collaborative experiences for medium-sized meeting rooms. It allows up to two people to share content simultaneously, from laptop or mobile device with the ClickShare button or app. You can seamlessly integrate in your company network, enjoy the peace-of-mind of central management, and boost collaboration and brainstorming in your enterprise.

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Available Products

  • Barco ClickShare Mini

    Barco ClickShare Mini

    ScanSource Communications
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  • Barco ClickShare Set

    Barco ClickShare Set

    ScanSource Communications
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    Barco Corporate Projectors

    ScanSource Communications
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  • Barco Video Wall Controllers

    Barco Video Wall Controllers

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