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Together, Barco and Elo are architects of the flexible collaboration solution. Combine Elo touch displays and Barco ClickShare solutions to make meetings faster, easier, and more productive. With Barco and Elo, you can offer an amazing solution for spaces of every size. It’s as easy as the click a button, the touch of a screen, and WOW!

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Small spaces, big ideas

Turn huddle rooms into vibrant collaboration spaces with this solution from Barco and Elo!

Elo 4602L + Barco CS-100 Huddle or CS-100

With Barco’s CS-100 ClickShare models, users can simply share what’s on their laptop or mobile device on Elo’s 4602L 46-inch interactive touchscreen display. The CS-100 offers the instant-meeting feel of a collaboration phone app, while Elo brings a brilliant, professional-grade, interactive canvas for leveraging a variety of content.

(Anything but) Standard Conference Rooms

Customers can set up fast and be ready to share with solutions for standard meeting rooms that are anything but standard.

Elo 5502L/5563L (4K) + Barco ClickShare CSE-200 or CSE-200+

Provide lightning-fast conferencing with the Elo 5502L, which enables 10+ touch for multi-user interaction with fast, sensitive responses. The projected capacitive touchscreen offers edge-to-edge glass with touch-thru performance, while infrared technology features ease of scalability and protection from scratching. Plus, Barco’s ClickShare 200 series is designed for enterprise rollouts and offers enhanced security features, a wider range of connectivity options, touch-back functionality, and central management.

Lofty ideas, luminous experience

Ensure a high-end experience in your customers' most important meeting spaces.

Elo 6553L (4K) + Barco ClickShare CSE-800

When it’s time to wow, bring on Barco’s CSE-800. The most powerful system in the ClickShare family, the CSE-800 includes unique features such as simultaneous sharing for up to eight people, automatic and manual moderation, and blackboarding and annotation. Pair it with Elo 6553L for dazzling visuals that will keep employees, guests, and clients engaged. With a 55-inch, ultra-HD display, the 6553L offers lifelike resolution with the flexibility of auto switching through multiple active input sources.


Barco ClickShare

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