BroadCloud PacketSmart

The key to successful VoIP-Video-Data deployments is to employ a lifecycle management approach to network design and management. BroadCloud offers a broad range of cloud-based quality of service ("QoS") management tools to deliver complete converged media lifecycle management services to their SMB and multi-site enterprise customers.

  • Assessment and Verification: VoIPPro and PacketPro are powerful cloud-based VoIP network and troubleshooting solutions for use by service providers and value added resellers. These services utilize a PacketSmart™ Field Service Kit (FSK). Simple. Flexible. Accurate.
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting: VoIPCare and VoIPCare Plus are hosted services that use a permanently deployed micro-appliance to continuously monitor the VoIP-data quality of every call.
  • Support: We offer phone and email support to all PacketSmart customers. Comprehensive documentation and training videos are available via Xchange.


VoIPCare and VoIPCare Plus

VoIPCare and VoIPCare Plus offer service provider and value added resellers powerful tools that allow for continuous monitoring of IP communications services. A small micro-appliance is provided to the customer to deploy on site or probes can be embedded in partner access devices.

The VoIPCare solution does not require the generation of synthetic calls; it actually monitors live VoIP calls. VoIPCare analyzes data for tens of thousands of live calls that are stored for a month.

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VoIPPro, PacketPro and VideoPro

The Pro series is a cloud-based solution that enables service providers and field service organizations to assess the customer's LAN and determine its ability to support VoIP, IT apps traffic, and Video traffic.

The service is used in conjunction with a PacketSmart Field Service Kit which consists of a portable pack of two micro-appliances. The simplicity, flexibility, and accuracy provided by this kit have made it BroadCloud's most popular VoIP network assessment solution, used by several leading service providers and value added resellers.

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