Cloud2Edge Complete

Cloud2Edge Complete is an innovative way to get all the features and capabilities of Network Edge Orchestration at a predictable monthly cost. This hybrid cloud/edge subscription model provides all the benefits of Network Edge Orchestration as a service. In addition to the EdgeView Service Control Center, Cloud2Edge Complete includes all concurrent call usage (tabulated at the account, not device, level), technical support, and professional services for quick and easy deployment.

Benefits include:

• An OPEX cost model. Cloud2Edge Complete eliminates the large up-front investments associated with a CAPEX purchasing model. Pay for only what is needed, adding incrementally according to capacity and usage.
• Pay based on use. With Cloud2Edge Complete, usage is aggregated across all EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges. This takes the guessing out of applying a usage level at the device.
• Reduced hardware costs. As concurrent call usage is now aggregated at the account level, intelligent edge pricing is greatly reduced, in some cases by as much as 80%. Additionally, the lower hardware cost enables cost-effective support of small sites, where it was previously cost-prohibitive.