Meet a premium, 4K cloud video-conferencing experience

  • Bring meetings to life: full-motion, 4K content sharing and 4K video quality
  • Never miss a word: audio engineered with greater noise reduction, ideally tuned for human speech
  • Immersive experience: its dual-display support allows users to share presentations, and engage with active video participants in the meeting
  • Meeting room flexibility: compact form factor with integrated pan/tilt/zoom 4K camera fits easily
  • Automatic updates: no software updates to maintain or manually update

Lifesize has a solution for both high-powered meetings and everyday communication. The Icon 700 helps you create an outstanding, 4K video-conferencing experience. Don't settle for unreliable and pixelated video communication and imagery. Now is the time to equip your team with a premier solution that showcases your business during every meeting and conversation.