Want to see Paul McCartney live?

Paul McCartney will be live in Greenville, SC on May 30, 2019—and we want to bring you in to see him! 

We will select 12 of our dedicated partners to attend a business-building event and experience Paul McCartney live—in their own suite at the concert in May. These winners will be selected on April 1, 2019.

"How do I win?" you ask? Keep reading!

How to Win:
  • Hit your quarterly goal
    • Win 10 points for achieving 100% of goal.
    • 15 points for achieving 101-125% of goal.
    • 20 points for achieving 126-150% o goal.
    • 25 points for achieving 150-200% of goal.
    • 30 points for achieving over 201%
  • Additional revenue points
    • 10 additional points for revenue of $150-200K
    • 15 additional points for revenue of $201-300K
    • 20 additional points for revenue of $301-400K
    • 25 additional points for revenue of $401-500K
    • 30 additional points for revenue over $501K
  • Social Media – Mitel Mondays
    • Every Monday until April 1, 2019, show us the ScanSource and Mitel in your life with a picture and the hashtags #mitelmonday #teamscansource. This picture can be of products you use or sell, at an event related to the two companies, or something more creative—as long as it shows both ScanSource and Mitel. Post up to five (5) posts on either LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook with these hashtags, and win an additional five (5) points for each. And you could win an additional three (3) points, if you’re willing to provide a testimonial about your great experience with ScanSource and Mitel.
  • Cloud Partners
    • Win 10 additional points for purchasing Mitel Cloud through Intelisys
  • Renewals
    • Win another additional 10 points for closing all first-quarter renewals by March 15, 2019

*All expenses paid. 

Terms & Conditions