Solutions to Meet Specific Industry Needs

 Automotive Dealerships

OAISYS solutions can help auto dealers of any size improve their performance though easy location of calls to eliminate service disputes, powerful evaluation of agent performance, targeted reporting on ad performance and a range of deployment options for any environment.


Debt Collections

For debt collections firms being able to verify what was said by whom, confirming payment agreements, contacts, dates and times of interactions, etc. can be the difference between successful account management and lost revenue. They also must ensure records are stored and managed in compliance with an array of governmental and industry regulations.


Financial / Insurance

Accuracy and timeliness of information are vital to financial institutions. Whether it’s responding to an investigator’s request for regulatory compliance information, confirming orders or transactions, reviewing agent performance or ensuring records are stored according to legal and institutional guidelines, OAISYS solutions ensure ease of locating conversations and secure data storage.



Local, regional and national government departments handle multitudes of calls from constituents, other agencies and contractors on a regular basis. Being able to find the right call for review or collaboration is essential for quality service and dispute resolution. OAISYS solutions are particularly useful to public service agencies and offer specialized features to make their jobs easier.



Healthcare providers of all sizes must document every interaction. Whether it’s a matter of patient service, scheduling, referrals, billing disputes or ensuring regulatory compliance, OAISYS solutions are uniquely suited to help healthcare providers document, securely store and collaborate using the information contained in telephone-based communications.

Legal Services

Lawyers and legal service providers have to retain and use the most accurate information possible. OAISYS solutions offer an exact replay of what was said by whom and include specialized security features, such as digital watermarking, to ensure recordings are unaltered. OAISYS’ precise user interface also notes vital information such as length of calls, so billing notations can be made accurately.


Public Safety

Public safety agencies need OAISYS solutions’ quick search capability and accurate call replay to ensure the highest standards of service. In addition, OAISYS provides several advanced features, such as incident reconstruction, call redaction and location mapping to better serve public safety agencies’ unique data storage and sharing needs.


Public Utilities

Whether its requests for account activation or termination, reports of service outages or billing calls, public utilities handle a wide range of calls every day. With OAISYS solutions they are able to accurately settle disputes, confirm call details, reconstruct incidents and generally provide the best service possible to their customers.