Innovations and Trends

Plantronics is making their industry-leading headsets even better by opening up our technology to application developers. They’re now going Beyond Audio. Connecting more than just calls, they’re enabling their devices to connect to applications, platforms, and even the cloud — creating a new ecosystem in the process. This ecosystem consists of hardware, tools, developers, and integrators. It starts with headsets, but now capabilities go far beyond the call.

Plantronics PLT Labs

PLT Labs is a multidisciplinary team. From software down to the bare-bones metal, we’re focused on innovation. We’re new, but we harness the expertise of the broader engineering teams at Plantronics and the labs they come from. We’re inviting you to define the next generation of w ...... Learn more »

Plantronics Developer Connection

From the Plantronics Developer Connection site, users can download the SDK, Spokes Software Development Kit. Users can also browse forums, read up on the latest blogs, and learn more about the idea of contextual intelligence and how it pertains to us. ...... Learn more »