Harness the Power of Analytics with Plantronics Manager Pro

  • View a summary of all audio devices and Plantronics Hub software
  • Easily schedule and deploy device firmware upgrades
  • Conveniently troubleshoot and diagnose user issues remotely
  • Generate inventory and usage reports for deployed audio devices
  • Ensure compatibility to improve user performance
  • Avoid disrupting normal workflow with silent installation option

Plantronics Manager Pro is a web-based service that gives IT managers easy-to-use tools to configure settings and update audio device software and firmware for end users across the enterprise. Plantronics Manager Pro leverages a cloud-based architecture, and includes several reporting tools that provide new insights into the communications environment. Through the 3.11 version, it also allows mobile support, includes API access at no charge, and has enhanced data privacy and security compliance. And, one-year and three-year subscriptions are offered.

Plantronics currently offers three distinct analysis suites:
 - Asset Management and Adoption
 - Call Quality and Analytics
 - Health and Safety

To learn more, watch the Demo videos on this page: http://www.plantronics.com/us/support/enterprise-software/pmp-demo/
Or read the Plantronics Manager Pro Overview, or learn how to sell with the Battlecard

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Reports by Analysis Suite

Plantronics Manager Pro offers three analysis suites that each contain a separate set of reports.
Below is a summary of the suites and their reports.

First for device management and adoption First for employee productivity and troubleshooting First for employee safety and well-being
Device Inventory
Device Distribution
Device Adoption
Softphone Adoption
Incompatible Products
Version Status
Policy Compliance
User Activity
Conversation Analytics
Radio Link Quality
Common Actions
Acoustic Events
Noise Exposure