Upgrade Your Experience with Poly and ScanSource


Your success is important to us. Collaboration is transforming everything about the way we do business. Together, with our partners, we’re enabling a workforce that can connect, share, and collaborate from any location with anyone, anywhere. 

Poly and ScanSource are here to help you upgrade your experience as a partner and grow your business.

The "Upgrade Your Experience" partner summit

In February 2020, Poly and ScanSource will host an exclusive, invitation-only partner summit in scenic Napa Valley, Ca. From one-on-one time with ScanSource and Poly executives, to touring the wineries in Napa Valley—this is an upgraded experience you don't want to miss! 


How you can earn a spot:

Interested in attending the trip? Let us know. Take this two-minute survey to help us better understand your business and let us know you’d like to be considered to attend the trip. We’re looking for highly engaged ScanSource partners who invest in their Poly business by participating in Poly and ScanSource programs and selling across the full product portfolio.

I'm interested!


How you can "Upgrade Your Experience" as a partner

Upgrading your experience as a partner takes some work—but you’re not alone. ScanSource and Poly are here to help. Here are a few ways the most successful partners invest in their Poly practice: 

1. Earn certifications

Earning Poly certifications helps you gain better understanding of Poly products, proves your expertise as a partner, and gives you the ability to sell select video products. 
Not sure which certifications are right for you? Reach out to the Poly onboarding specialist at ScanSource. Kate is an expert in all things Poly certifications and can guide you through the process. 

2. Expand your business now with access to the full Poly line of products

With Plantronics and Polycom coming together as Poly, partners now have access to an extensive line of unified communications and collaboration products from one company. Looking to expand into a new product area? We have some resources that can help:
Intro to Headsets Playbook: Learn how to increase your margin by adding headsets to your audio orders. 
Intro to Video: Learn how to start selling video conferencing products in the massively popular huddle space. 

3. Get ahead of the curve and sell new products

Selling new products when they hit the market can help you get a leg up on your competition, who may be slower getting out of the gate. Some of the newest products to add to your line up include:

Poly G7500: A video-conferencing and collaboration solution for medium to large conference rooms


Polycom Studio: The USB video bar built for small rooms and big ideas

Plantronics Elara: A mobile phone station that enhances smartphone collaboration

4. Register your deals with Poly

The Poly Deal Registration Program promotes, supports, and rewards Poly partners who have invested valuable time and resources to develop new sales opportunities with end-user customers. You can register deals on the Plantronics and Polycom portals.
Tip: Stay tuned for the new Poly portal and a new deal-registration program—both coming soon. 

5. Sell services like Total Coverage

Services can increase your margins and make for happier customers by ensuring all products are covered. ScanSource Total Coverage goes far beyond regular support and maintenance with our value-added services and resources to make your life—and your customers’ lives—much less complicated. Learn More. 

6. Register for FastLane

When you join the FastLane team, think of ScanSource as your pit crew, equipping you with all the tools you need to rev-up your business this year and beyond. Plus, with our new FastLane promotion, you’ll get rewarded just for buying Poly. Right now, you can get a 25% accelerator when you buy Poly products through ScanSource. Register Now.