Plantronics and Polycom are now together as Poly

Poly is the global communications company that powers authentic human collaboration. Face to face, we sort millions of verbal and non-verbal clues to glean meaning. We offer new ways to bring that same connection into the audio and video experiences we rely on every day. Poly makes modern collaboration beautifully human.

Enterprises must deliver amazing customer satisfaction and produce the best creative products and solutions to rise above the competition. The workplace of the future is no longer confined to an office setting, where employees are chained to desks and their desktop computers. Communication happens any time—on any device from tablets to smartphones—creating a global office that moves at a rapid pace.

Polycom business-technology communication solutions are simple and easy to integrate, allowing employees to do their jobs more intelligently, more flexibly, more quickly, and more precisely than ever before.

From HD telepresence and video-conferencing tools, to unified voice-communications software, to Microsoft video solutions, if you work with clients who communicate, Polycom can help. Employee engagement increases because employees are more satisfied with the communication tools they are using. Products get to market more quickly because collaboration speed is vastly improved. Workflow becomes more efficient because all team members are kept in the loop on tasks, and transparency into product or service development motivates higher-quality work. Instant access to important business documents allows for more productive execution.

Today's employees and business clients expect the ability to use the best technology to complete work, collaborate, and do business. A global leader in providing reliable and secure communications for some of the world's biggest businesses, Polycom can help boost any organization's productivity.

Premium User Experience

When communication needs to happen instantly, technology should help, not hinder. Polycom devices and software feature user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to master in an instant, to keep business moving. Since business happens at home, at a coffeehouse, and just about anywhere, Polycom products keep business networks secure—while allowing employees to move at the pace of today's industries.

Polycom's user-friendliness extends to the IT department. Polycom products seamlessly integrate with existing communications ecosystems and are simple to implement. Instead of creating proprietary systems that force customers to be chained to a single system, Polycom uses standards-based interoperability, so your clients can use Polycom with any system with which they are working. Business is never stalled, installation headaches are avoided, and users never have to miss a communications beat.

No amount of distance affects operations while using Polycom products. Polycom's industry-leading, cutting-edge technology means extremely high-quality video and audio conferencing, as well as content sharing. Forget about missed calls, fuzzy displays, or hard-to-hear meetings. Polycom video conferencing makes communications crystal-clear—wherever they are conducted, on any device.

Advanced communications do not just benefit employees working together within a business. They also elevate business credibility to the clients with whom they work. With Polycom video conferencing or audio conferencing, negotiations can be conducted and completed within seconds on a smartphone. Details of a new collaboration are never missed because of a dropped call. A potential new client doesn't have to struggle to understand a pitch or details of a contract, since document sharing can happen seamlessly during a video-conferencing call. Important data is always accessible in the cloud—no more lost or damaged hard-copy files.

Flexibility for Any Enterprise

No two businesses are identical, and Polycom's services can be tailored to be just as unique as the operation in which they are used. With more than 400,000 current customers, each one can choose exactly how he or she wants to use Polycom to collaborate. From systems that are entirely in the cloud and eliminate the need for substantial IT resources, to hybrid systems that blend cloud and on-site usage, Polycom's networks fit your clients.

Polycom users can choose among hardware, software, services, or a combination of any of these. All products feature financing and subscription flexibility, making Polycom solutions accessible to any business. Whichever Polycom video-conferencing solutions a business chooses to use, it can always expect dedicated support to guarantee uptime and satisfaction.

Why Become a Polycom Reseller With ScanSource?

When you become a Polycom reseller with ScanSource, you gain a trusted partner providing you with exemplary services to set your Polycom business up for success. As a Polycom Certified Service Partner, ScanSource provides you with Total Coverage, which includes free software upgrades, 24/7 ISDN and IP testing, and more. We also offer unlimited tech support and training, so you understand all aspects of the benefits Polycom products can provide to a wide variety of businesses, and you are able to convey the advantages to your clients.

ScanSource is always here to help our resellers with Polycom video-conferencing and audio-conferencing solutions. From Total Coverage installation services to Total Coverage Video-as-a-Service, everything you could possibly want as a Polycom reseller is available with ScanSource. Learn how to become a Polycom reseller here, or give us a call at 877.847.7000.