Polycom Training and Assistance

Your clients today are more informed than ever before, with access to more information and knowledge about more products. At ScanSource Communications, we're here to help our partners access the assistance and training you need to have successful discussions with clients about the benefits Polycom® communication products can bring to their businesses.

Polycom and ScanSource are pleased to offer partners a variety of resources and tools to develop skills and competencies that enable you to provide excellent collaborative communication solutions that meet your clients’ business needs and improve efficiency.

In addition to the dedicated support you can expect when you sell Polycom through ScanSource, there is a variety of training to look forward to.

Polycom Certification

Obtaining a Polycom certification is essential to selling Polycom products, including ones your clients might need most. Obtaining a certification through Polycom is simple and easy. Once partners are approved as Polycom partners, they are immediately eligible to sell a wide range of Polycom products. The next step is simply to register interest via Product Registration.

Certified Polycom partners can develop their relationships with Polycom, and grow their businesses without further investment on their end, or they can continue learning to expand their knowledge and skillset regarding Polycom. You can investigate the Polycom® PartnerConnect portal for details on Polycom solutions to help you grow your clients’ businesses, and access free online training via the Polycom University learning center.

As you gain more knowledge regarding the portfolio of Polycom solutions, you can apply for certifications that allow you to sell certain products that require more in-depth Polycom training or demonstration capabilities to successfully position the Polycom solutions to meet customer needs.

Learn more about Polycom certification here.

Polycom University

Polycom University presents a comprehensive offering of training options, so resellers can work with anyone in an organization and effectively teach Polycom features and convey the benefits. This program offers diverse course types for partners to work with everyone from business leaders to IT managers, with curriculum covering topics ranging from hands-on technical learning to high-level overviews.

Partners have a variety of learning options, including web seminars and e-learning, plus instructor-led training. Whatever your unique needs, there are courses offered in Polycom University that prepare partners for the interactions they'll have regarding Polycom products, including sales training. All curricula feature the latest technological developments of the products, so that the Polycom solution benefits are clearly presented.

Learn more about Polycom University here.

Polycom Web Seminars

Polycom web seminars are some of the most user-friendly ways to learn more about Polycom products, from the comfort of your own computer, wherever you are. Log in at your own convenience to learn how to boost your Polycom selling skills, discover advancements in technology, and increase your knowledge of the latest Polycom solutions and programs from ScanSource.

Learn more about Polycom webinars here.

Polycom Events

Polycom and ScanSource have a variety of events that occur throughout the year, including partner conferences, education summits, road shows, and more. Mark your calendar for one of these exciting events, where you'll learn the latest developments and upcoming projects for Polycom through lectures and design demonstrations, as well as meet other Polycom resellers who might inspire you in your own business.

Learn more about Polycom events here.

Polycom Executive Experience Center

Want to really see the power of Polycom in action? Visit a Polycom Executive Experience Center to see powerful Polycom solutions working together and transforming how people collaborate in today's fast-paced business settings. Surround yourself with cutting-edge, industry-leading technology from Polycom that propels voice, video, content, and communication to new levels that allow employees to collaborate more efficiently than ever.

At a Polycom Executive Experience Center, you'll witness Polycom solutions working seamlessly together, including the Polycom® RealPresence® Platform. Witness immersive communication solutions from Polycom that elevate the work of teams and enhance offices. You can meet with Polycom senior leaders and talk to them about your business and how Polycom fits in. See how Polycom mobile solutions are connecting team members who are countries apart. It's an exciting visit you'll never forget, and one that can take your business to new heights because of what you'll learn.

Learn more about Polycom Executive Experience Center here.

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As you can see, Polycom and ScanSource are ready to help you succeed as a Polycom reseller. No matter what type of Polycom training you want or what support you need, when you're a reseller through ScanSource, you get access to resources that help you build your business. Become a Polycom reseller here today, or give us a call at 877.847.7000 to talk with a ScanSource rep.