Polycom Products for Improved Business Communications

Communication is vital in every aspect of business. It affects how employees collaborate with each other on projects, how motivated they are because of the clarity of understanding, and how time and resources are maximized to produce the best outcome. It can make or break the next big deal for a company.

Unclear communication can have legal implications if important details are missed, or protocol is not followed. From voice to video, information exchange in today's fast-paced business world must be clear, precise, and quick in order to positively affect enterprises. Polycom's unified communications technology solutions are best in class and improve any aspect of communication.

Business communications are no longer single-channel entities. Voice must work with chat. Document sharing needs to be seamless with video conferencing. Unified communications are essential to allow better communication, as employees and their clients can convey information in the channels that maximize efficiency and understanding. Polycom's on-site, cloud, and hybrid options give businesses and organizations customizable options that work for their unique operations.

At ScanSource, we are a leading provider of Polycom products to resellers who work with clients where communication is vital. Polycom's robust communications solutions line means organizations can choose the products that will work best for them and their existing communications systems. With flexible financing systems, any business or organization can benefit from Polycom products.

Polycom Voice Products

Polycom voice products make phone calls and conference calls more effective, whether callers are in the same office or are halfway around the world from each other. Polycom provides Polycom® HD Voice™ technology solutions that allow every caller to hear and be heard perfectly.

Polycom products for voice include:

  • Conference phones
  • VoIP desk phones
  • Installed audio
  • Voice solutions for Microsoft users
  • Voice solutions for service providers

The power of a clear phone call means frustration is eliminated, and no time is wasted asking people to repeat themselves. Callers can understand their colleagues and clients better and focus on what is being discussed, so the effects of the call are more productive. In a business world that demands instant results, reliable connectivity is essential.

A dropped call could mean the loss of millions of dollars in a business deal. Fuzzy connections over time can chip away at the professionalism of a business relationship. Polycom products ensure high-quality calls that reinforce important connections.

Polycom Video Products

Being away from the office does not mean employees or clients are limited to email or a phone call. Polycom video products help businesses impress through face-to-face meetings, increasing understanding of the call and creating an in-person-like meeting environment no matter how far away collaborators are from each other.

Polycom products for video include:

  • Mobile/personal video
  • In-room video capture
  • Immersive telepresence
  • Collaboration infrastructure
  • Video solutions for Microsoft
  • Video conferencing services

Face-to-face meetings are valuable not just in business settings, but in settings throughout everyday life, from doctor consultations, to teacher-student sessions. Video is transforming global communication today, and reliable video conferencing solutions from Polycom help make every meeting count with beautiful video quality, impeccable audio, and collaboration features that enhance the meeting. Meetings can happen anywhere, on any device, allowing for instant collaboration for any type of organization.

Polycom's Microsoft Voice and Video Solutions

Many organizations are already using Microsoft business products, such as Lync, Exchange, and Skype for Business. Polycom products easily integrate with Microsoft products to enhance voice and video collaboration, with high-quality sound and screen display to make communications amazing the first time, every time.

Polycom provides 70 percent of the phones deployed with Skype for Business/Microsoft Lync, with engineered solutions to elevate enterprises using Microsoft and make deployment effortless and instant. Polycom® RealConnect™ for Skype for Business allows multiple video systems to work together, and integrates with Microsoft Outlook calendars to allow participants to join a call in mere seconds and never miss a meeting. Polycom products allows businesses to boost the Microsoft products they are already using, such as Office 365, with solutions that are built to enhance productivity.

Sell Polycom Products with ScanSource

Do you work with businesses or organizations in need of a unified communications solution that provides reliability and the best in quality in business collaboration? Polycom serves more than 400,000 customers because of its dedication to creating the most cutting-edge unified communication technology products that are simple and easy enough for any employee to instantly grasp and use effectively. From video conference to audio calls to content sharing, Polycom business solutions boost productivity and efficiency.

If you're interested in selling Polycom products with ScanSource, you will receive dedicated training and support as one of our reseller partners. Learn how to become a Polycom reseller here, or give us a call at 877.847.7000.