Our ancestors used a campfire. We use RealPresence Centro.

Why is Centro different?

• It’s designed around our natural inclination to meet together around something, establishing eye contact and face-to-face interaction.
• It’s optimized for brainstorming, ideation, and problem solving. And forget about going your separate ways after the call. Centro empowers you to get it done all together, without everyone physically being together.
• Its inviting touch interface is easy to use quickly for reproducible impact. We still can’t find adoption barriers, but let us know if you do.
• Proximity sensors enable responsive intelligence to help users see/hear and be seen/heard every time.
• Wireless pairing for BYOD allows everyone to share content simply and easily.
• It provides a singular focal point for undivided attention.
• It’s an all-in-one appliance that can be unpackaged, plugged in, and set up in about 20 minutes. IT teams rejoice.

What can you do with Centro?

• Easily hold or participate in meetings with virtually anyone in the world, “around the table.”
• Sit and collaborate as a team, to get work done in real time.
• Have a great brainstorming session across physical sites, without requiring walls around you.
• Navigate your collaboration experience with an intuitive touchscreen interface.
• Foster an impactful and reproducible experience that users love.
• Enable your workforce to have meaningful connections that defy distance.
• Plus all of the web access, BYOD, and other capabilities we mentioned with Trio.

Why should customers buy Centro?

• Human-centered visual collaboration with HD content sharing and real-time video interaction. Because it’s the way collaboration should be.
• First impressions mean a lot. Centro provides cutting-edge capabilities, and an enriched experience that inspires confidence among users and their customers.
• They can drastically reduce the time spent trying to call and connect using Centro’s simple and speedy "one touch join" interface.
• It’s easy to deploy and insure your Centro investment, thanks to one cord for power, one for internet, Zero-Touch-Deployment, and connection to leading call platforms.
• Of course, they’ll gain our clearest and richest audio experience.
• Office guests will think they’ve traveled to the future (or at least the workplace of the future).
• It’s gorgeous – it really is!

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