What if buying, deploying, and using Group Series was one-SKU simple? RealPresence Medialign is our fastest, easiest way to buy, deploy, and use our Group Series.

What is Medialign?

Medialign is an all-in-one, front-of-room, video collaboration solution with an innovative “no tools required” modular design that requires no room remediation. For businesses that need video telepresence without immersive collaboration capabilities, Medialign can be installed without any tools, and connects to the broadest array of UC platforms in the market.

Why is Medialign different?

• Medialign is an exceptional way to quote, buy, deploy, and use our industry-leading Group Series technology. This is not a successor to our media carts – Medialign is an excellent way to sell Group Series to our broad customer base.
• It's a collaboration tool that does so much, while being so mobile. Medialign’s unobtrusive, slim-line footprint fits in virtually any room or conference space. And it can be moved from room to room – and set up again easily – in minutes.
• Its consistent, familiar user interface drives user adoption – and its patented Group Series differentiators are built right in.
• Everything that’s needed is included. And it’s simple, tool-free setup reduces the impact on both IT and users.

What can you do with Medialign?

• Everything you can do with Group Series today!
• Host or participate in rich HD video conferences with virtually anyone worldwide.
• Drive mutual understanding and collective productivity, face-to-face. Eye contact is underrated.
• Simultaneously share content, and see remote collaborators with two- or three-screen module configurations.
• Easily hold or participate in meetings with virtually anyone in the world, face-to-face.
• And all of those remarkable things we mentioned for our other solutions: NoiseBlock, Acoustic Fence, EagleEye Producer…and the list goes on.

Why should customers buy Medialign?

• One SKU to quote, one SKU to order, easy deployment, and competitive pricing.
• Seeing is believing. Medialign helps foster confidence and consensus among globally-dispersed teams and customers.
• They can easily swipe or tap screens to share HD content and real-time video.
• It’s easy to deploy and insure your Medialign investment - thanks to Power-over-Ethernet, Zero-Touch-Deployment, and connection to leading call platforms.
• Of course, it’s our clearest and richest audio/video experience.

Download the customer presentation for Medialign HERE.