An uncompromised experience that looks as good as being there.

When investing in immersive solutions, you are looking for the best. An uncompromised experience, with stunning visuals, truly life-like audio, and interactive content collaboration that looks as good as being there. RealPresence OTX Studio delivers on these promises, with unrivaled quality in a package that avoids costly extra expenses for a strong return on investment. Polycom has been delivering innovative immersive solutions longer than anyone, and our expertise at creating outstanding immersive experiences that delight users is unmatched.

In RealPresence OTX Studio, content isn’t just an afterthought - it is designed from the ground up for rich collaboration. When everyone can share and interact with content easily and naturally, with no compromises in quality, productivity soars.

Immersive solutions promise the absolute best video and audio quality – a dramatic leap forward from traditional video conferencing rooms. Polycom delivers by replicating a true "across the table" experience that delights users, increasing adoption and utilization.

Immersive collaboration doesn’t have to break your budget or require your largest meeting spaces. RealPresence OTX Studio is designed to lower the total cost of ownership, bringing immersive experiences to everyone.