Polycom Collaboration and Unified Communications Infrastructure

Today's mobile workforce demands the ability to collaborate with co-workers from anywhere, on any device. With Polycom®, communication is crystal-clear no matter where employees are, no matter what device they're using. Calls are never dropped, every word is heard, video quality is clear, and document sharing is instant.

If you work with businesses that communicate, then becoming a Polycom product reseller can boost your own business, as the products help your clientele with amazing unified communications and collaboration infrastructure. The Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti is one of the most groundbreaking products in business communications, making communication seamless for a variety of stakeholders.

Benefits of Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti

The Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti is a complete, software-based collaboration infrastructure solution, connecting professionals with collaboration through HD video, web, voice, and content. It doesn't matter where users are or what devices they're using, the Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti works anywhere, since it can be deployed on-site or in the cloud. With Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti, essential communication happens instantly and dependably. The system is simple to use but has powerful features, making it easy to implement for users of all technical skills.

The Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti scales as a business grows, since the license model allows for easy scalability — no need for additional hardware, software, or training. The Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti offers customization so users can configure the package based on their unique needs, making it a fit for a variety of industries and businesses.

Other benefits include:

  • Natural meeting experiences are enhanced: Communication doesn't get lost or misunderstood with Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti. The excellent audio and video quality of each call makes it as if all participants are in the same room, no matter how many miles apart they are.
  • Content capture media recording instantly creates reference materials. If a meeting needs to be transcribed or revisited, or if enhanced clarification is required regarding important communication, recording capabilities with the Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti give businesses access to the information they need.
  • Work anywhere, any time. Because the Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti allows for perfect communication to happen anywhere and enables any space to be transformed into a work station, business efficiency and operations are improved. Clients who use Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti gain a competitive advantage over other businesses that struggle to communicate effectively with employees.
  • Teams get stronger, business moves more quickly. Since the Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti gives every team member in a business access to the best in communications, this allows businesses to attract and retain talent who may work remotely. Employee sentiment increases, since there are no frustrations when it comes to meetings or communication. Businesses thrill their clients with enhanced meeting capabilities that increase productivity. Every aspect of a business that is touched by communication improves.
For businesses that are looking to revamp their communication systems completely, using Polycom allows them to create a custom program that perfectly fits their business. And easy modifications make it adapt as the business evolves.


Bring Your Clients the Future in Communications With Polycom

If you work with businesses that communicate in any way, they can benefit from the advanced technology Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti offers. When you work with ScanSource to become a reseller, you can look forward to even more support and training to gain the knowledge you need for Polycom infrastructure products. Learn more about the Polycom® RealPresence® Clariti here.