Polycom Partner Programs With ScanSource

You're not just a number when you become a reseller with ScanSource or purchase Polycom products for your existing and new clients. Each of our resellers is a valued relationship, which is why ScanSource features top Polycom programs that give resellers all the tools and resources they need in order to be successful.

From flexible payment plans for your clients, to reseller demonstration programs that allow you to show the Polycom value in offices, trade shows, and more, Polycom programs from ScanSource are ones you can easily integrate in your business to improve your Polycom sales and convey the advantages of Polycom to more clients. Besides the programs we offer below, you can also always count on ScanSource to offer support when you need it.

Polycom Deal Registration Program

Polycom rewards loyal and successful customers with new deals to keep the momentum of their Polycom businesses going strongly. The Polycom Deal Registration Program promotes, supports, and rewards Polycom's Certified Partners who have invested valuable time and resources to develop new sales opportunities with end-user customers.

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Polycom Reseller Demo Program

At ScanSource, we do everything we can to set our resellers up for success when they sell Polycom products and more. We understand with every business purchase, much thought and consideration goes into the decision-making process. We immensely believe in the Polycom products we feature and know they can significantly benefit your clients, which is why we are pleased to offer a Polycom Reseller Demo Program that allows you to obtain loaner products to demonstrate their usefulness to current and potential clients.

With the Polycom Reseller Demo Program, resellers may use loaner products for proof of concept, real-world testing, trade show demonstrations, and any other use you can think of to convey the value of Polycom. When you are able to demonstrate Polycom features face-to-face in real settings, your clients can better understand how Polycom can benefit their organizations.

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Polycom Choice Partner Program

For those who are interested in becoming Polycom partners who invest and grow with the Polycom program, the Polycom Choice Partner Program is an ideal option. The Polycom Choice Partner Program includes channel partners who are regional, multinational, and global solution providers who handle project needs, from concept, to installation, to ongoing support and management. Polycom partners may also be service providers who own a physical network and sell long-distance or local services. They may also be system integrators who act as general contractors, Internet Telephony Service Providers, or direct market resellers and eTailors.

All Polycom channel partners receive ongoing training, education, and support, so they are always up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge technology feature Polycom communication solutions offer. Channel partners also receive incremental benefits as their investment and commitment to Polycom deepens, which benefits both them and their clients.

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Polycom Capital

Polycom Capital is one of the most exciting offerings for your clients from Polycom, since it allows organizations to purchase an entire solution with flexible and regular payment over three to five years. The best part is, once payment is received in full, your clients are able to refresh their system with the latest technology, so they always stay up to date.

Perfect for any sized organization, using Polycom Capital means your clients are making a significant investment in their technological future, ensuring their communications are always of the highest quality so they can retain satisfaction within their office and with those they work with. Polycom Capital makes financial sense for any of your clients who value their communication.

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Polycom Strategic Alliances

As a global leader in unified communications, it makes sense for Polycom to form strong partnerships with technology leaders your clients are familiar with and have relied on for the best in communication. Technology leaders such as Microsoft, HP, and IBM are counted among Polycom's Strategic Alliances, and they work closely with Polycom to ensure Polycom products have the top features today's businesses and organizations need in order to improve operations.

These Strategic Alliances also ensure Polycom products are interoperable with existing systems, which save organizations time and money in integration. Strategic Alliances increase the user-friendliness of Polycom products to create more dynamic communications experiences.

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Become a Polycom Reseller With ScanSource

ScanSource is proud to offer Polycom communication technology products for resellers who are interested in helping organizations and businesses improve their communication to increase efficiency and understanding. Polycom products are reliable, offer the highest quality in audio and video, and provide support and security that protects any organization.

When you become a Polycom reseller with ScanSource, you become our trusted partner who we are always here to support. Learn more about how to become a Polycom reseller with ScanSource here, or give us a call at 877.847.7000 for more information.