The right level of service. Where, and when, needed.

Polycom Global Services wants your customers to have the best support option for their needs. That’s why the service options are designed to provide just the right level of assistance and technical expertise - exactly where and when they are needed most.


Why Purchase Support?

  • Having direct access to an account-specific service manager and engineering resource to address your customer’s questions saves time, money, and resource investments. (For Elite Service only)
  • Most communications and IT departments can’t address all of their clients’ IT needs, especially when it comes to conferencing and collaboration.
  • Technology is constantly changing, making it hard to keep up with the latest innovations and software updates, including those in the conferencing world.
  • Receive unlimited support—asking technical questions, obtaining replacement equipment, and keeping equipment up-to-date are critical to end-user uptime and usage of conferencing equipment.
  • Once they make the investment, most customers want to maximize their return by purchasing support services to help ensure uptime and usability.

Premier Services
ImmersiveCare Services
AdvancedAccess Services
Elite Services