Solution support for mid-size organizations.

Polycom AdvancedAccess Service Program is a premium offering that provides technical assistance for mid-size customers with mission-critical Polycom solutions. Polycom AdvancedAccess covers a customer’s entire Polycom video solution—and expands the value for Polycom’s base maintenance offerings of Premier and ImmersiveCare Service Programs. It also provides customers access to Polycom Technical Support 24/7, the support team and an Assigned Service Engineer, all as set forth below.

The program is available worldwide and requires all customer Polycom Video Products to be covered by the AdvancedAccess Service Program, including any options. Finally, AdvancedAccess is available to customers with a Polycom solution composed of, at a minimum, two RMX products and thirty video endpoints.

  • 24/7 technical phone support with an account specific phone number
  • Access to AdvancedAccess support team of highly-skilled video engineers
  • Assigned service engineer responsible for all technical oversight of support issues
  • Monthly report (Asset, SR)
  • Onsite support available
  • Partner branded version is also available