Polycom Solution Design Service

The Polycom Solution Design Service is the first step to design the physical deployment of the solution. Polycom technical experts design the right solution for your customer. By developing a low-level detailed design for the deployment of their RealPresence Platform solution, you help ensure that their investment in Polycom technology is deployed to meet the customer's specific business needs and environment.

Phases of Delivery
Phase 1 : Discovery

Assess and gather relevant information to understand planned usage, IT applications, current network, specific technical requirements, and/or system integration touch points.
Phase 2: Analysis
Analyze various technical aspects of the design, for a smooth integration into the environmentwhich, once implemented, will provide an optimal end-user experience.

Phase 3: Review
Present the findings and initial technical recommendations for deployment, based on customers requirements.
Phase 4: Final Report
Summary of findings and recommended Solution Design presented to the customer.

Key Benefits
  • Gain access to Polycom technical expertise to identify interdependencies and risks, in advance of deployment
  • Create a solution design for your customer specific environment that will speed deployment and integration
  • Save time and money—reduces implementation time for a faster customer operational start

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