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Polycom Total Coverage Protection

At ScanSource, we care deeply about the time and money you invest in working with your clients, to show them the value of Polycom communication solutions. That's why we are the only distributor with the amazing level of service and expertise offered with Total Coverage service options. Besides access to our extremely knowledgeable sales, marketing, merchandising, and technical teams, you also are able to offer your Polycom clients Total Coverage that protects their Polycom products.

Plus, at ScanSource, we offer Polycom benefits you can't find anywhere else, including our Demo on the Go program. With service renewal programs, and more, to ensure the success of your Polycom business, count on ScanSource as the best distributor for Polycom resellers who want to be successful.

Total Coverage Installation Services

ScanSource offers a powerful lineup of installation services of Polycom video endpoints, including unpacking and verification of packing slips. With Total Coverage installation services, your clients don't have to worry about installation of Polycom-supplied equipment, as ScanSource takes care of connectivity to power sources, installation of pieces such as monitors and microphones, configuration with IP address, video testing, and much more.

Your clients will feel confident in their Polycom equipment, as project coordination services are taken care of from start to completion. This means stronger relationships between you and your clients.

Learn more about Total Coverage installation services.

Total Coverage Maintenance Contacts

Polycom is one of the most reliable communications-solutions lines on the market, but no moment should go unprotected. With Total Coverage, all maintenance required on Polycom equipment during the term of coverage is included. Total Coverage maintenance contracts also include overnight replacement anywhere in the continental United States, so uptime is increased, and collaboration continues.

Total Coverage maintenance from Polycom means unlimited technical support, and coverage options include one-year and three-year plans.

Learn more about Total Coverage maintenance contracts.

Total Coverage Buyback Program

Staying up to date with the latest technology is key for organizations and businesses to remain ahead of the competition and exceed expectations for communication with clients. At ScanSource, we understand you and your clients want to keep up with new technology developments, which is why we offer a Total Coverage Buyback Program with the opportunity to earn up to 25% or more on an original investment.

By switching out aging hardware to the newest models with ScanSource, you and your clients save even more on investment, while leading the pack in technology.

Learn more about the ScanSource Total Coverage Buyback Program.

Service Renewals

Optimized service renewals are a powerful force for your business, and help your clients save time and money. ScanSource provides a dedicated Polycom service-renewals team to take the hassle out of managing the renewal process, so your clients' hardware and software support stays active without being interrupted.

With Polycom service renewals from ScanSource, partners receive a renewal quote a full 90 days before expiration, to help them better prepare their clients.

Learn about ScanSource Polycom service renewals.

Become a Polycom Reseller With ScanSource

Total Coverage options with ScanSource are a standout in the technology communications industry, because of the value and protection they offer organizations and businesses who can't afford to let their communication suffer. Total Coverage lives up to its name—with free software upgrades, unlimited tech support and training, and more—so Polycom Certified Service Partners receive everything they need to protect their communications investment.

If Polycom seems like the ideal communications solution for your existing clients, or you would like to sell to new clients, ScanSource is your trusted partner to set you up for reseller success. Learn how to become a Polycom reseller with ScanSource here, or give us a call at 877.847.7000 for more information.