Workplace Mobility

Designed for use in small- and medium-sized businesses to reduce cabling costs and allow rapid installation, or in front office and corporate environments to provide user mobility, Snom DECT solutions use a dedicated frequency band that is less congested than alternative wireless technologies. This allows for high-quality audio with DECT's secure communication encryption. Setup is easy and intuitive, thanks to the integrated installation mode on the Snom handsets. Our base stations make the Snom DECT solutions ideal for use across several floors or throughout large buildings. Snom DECT handsets provide options for professional indoor and outdoor use, including hardhat or industrial areas.


IP telephony—the competitive advantage for manufacturing

Mobile solutions are of particular importance in manufacturing environments, as a significant proportion of the workforce is mobile or without a fixed station. A DECT solution enables each factory-floor employee to have his or her own phone, which can result in more efficient business. IP DECT enables direct communications between colleagues, and eliminates the problems associated with overhead pagers, pocket pagers, and two-way radios. Snom’s application integration can also be used to enable machinery, process line alarms, and monitor systems to be integrated with your IP telephony solution. This allows engineering and production staff to be notified immediately if an error condition is detected or an event is triggered.

Secure Communications

Information transmitted and stored securely

Organizations handling confidential information must ensure it gets held and transmitted securely and appropriately. A number of laws, principles, and obligations govern how organizations should handle this requirement. These laws have grown increasingly complex, and the security demands of IP telephony more urgent.

Eavesdropping is one of the most common threats in a VoIP environment. If the VoIP traffic over the internet is unencrypted, anyone with network access can listen in on conversations. Equally or more dangerous than the hacking of phone calls themselves is that the phone system may allow access into company networks. The phone connection is a portal to all data within the company, and must be treated as such.

Concern about the massive growth of telephone-tapping incidents has led to a larger demand for secure telephone handsets. The practical availability of secure telephones is restricted by factors such as politics, export issues, incompatibility between different products, and high (though recently decreasing) prices. Snom, in partnership with GSMK CryptoPhone, has an ongoing development project to produce highly secure, encrypted telephones suitable for use with confidential services, including government and military applications.

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