Collaboration begins with good conference calls
From personal offices all the way to large-scale training rooms, collaboration is an essential part of business. Choose the phone that fits your needs. Maybe you need a SIP phone that can transition from a personal workspace device into a scalable conference phone. Or, you prefer a traditional analog model with two or four wireless microphones. With any ErisStation phone, you'll enjoy conference calls that are as productive as face-to-face meetings.

VTech Orbitlink Wireless Technology™
ErisStation conference phones feature portable DECT 6.0 microphones with Orbitlink Wireless Technology, making conference calls more flexible and engaging than ever before. The microphones transmit multiple digital audio streams, which are synchronized to maximize pickup range in all directions. Meeting participants can spread out and speak without having to raise their voices, regardless of conference-room size. Integrated digital mixing technology delivers unified audio, giving callers on the other end a seamless experience and the impression that everyone's speaking into the same microphone.

Premium Sound Quality
Advanced audio features improve conferencing for both sides of a conversation. Acoustic echo cancellation enables full-duplex technology, which allows natural, two-way discussions to occur simultaneousl—without audio clipping or fragmentation on either end. Automatic gain control (AGC) normalizes audio levels, so even soft speakers come through loud and clear. The cabinet housing design and audio equalization capabilities have been carefully engineered to maximize sound levels and ensure exceptional performance.

Interference-Free Conferencing
There's no need to worry about background noise from computer fans, ventilation systems, or light fixtures interfering with calls. Dynamic noise reduction (DNR) automatically eliminates distracting ambient noise for clear conversations that flow naturally. DECT 6.0 wireless technology in the microphones prevents interference from mobile phones and other wireless devices, enabling up to 12 hours of talk time on each one.

Integrated Communications System
Compact, all-in-one design makes it easy to keep everything together—no clutter, no hassle. Built-in charging stations with magnetic bays ensure the microphones are charged and available for the next meeting. Our analog conference phones (VCS702 and VCS704) are PBX compatible and come with all the traditional phone features needed for productive calls—including a 50-name and 50-number phone book, 50-number caller ID log, and a large, backlit display for easy call handling.

When more people join the conversation, everyone can still have a voice. Place the wireless microphones anywhere in a conference room. No messy cords. For larger rooms, add expansion wireless speakerphones to accommodate even more participants (requires VCS850 and VCS752). Built-in charging stations with magnetic bays ensure the microphones are charged and ready to go for the next meeting.

Personal workspace solution
Do more with your conference phone. Transform it into a personal workspace device for hands-free calls. Because of the Bluetooth and DECT-enabled speakerphone, you can replace your desk phone and old conference phone with one complete system. Pair your favorite Bluetooth or DECT headset to the speakerphone (VCS752 only) for hands-free landline calls. To place a hands-free cellular call without a headset, just connect your cell phone to the speakerphone.

Everything you need to get down to business, and keep the conversation flowing, including—

DECT 6.0 technology:
Place the wireless microphones anywhere in a conference room and enjoy interference-free, high-quality sound.

Full-room coverage: Choose models with one fixed and two wireless mics, or two fixed and four wireless mics, for maximum room coverage and participation.

Premium sound quality: Thanks to features like full-duplex technology, digital mixing, and audio equalization, nothing is lost in translation.

Charging built-in: Magnetic charging bays in the base phone ensure the wireless microphones are always charged and ready.

Ample talk time: With up to 12 hours of talk time on each wireless microphone, there's plenty of room for meetings that run over.

Two-year standard warranty: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an industry-leading, standard two-year warranty.

Wireless expansion (available on the VCS752): Pair up to three VCS850 wireless speakerphones to increase the volume and microphone pickup for 27 or more active participants.

Bluetooth connectivity (available on the VCS752): Make and receive cellular calls on the speakerphone, and pair your favorite headset for a private conversation.
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