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    New Product Highlight

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
      YVC-300 The YVC-300 is a portable USB and Bluetooth® conference phone from Yamaha. Designed for groups of four to six people and powered by USB, the YVC-300 is a great choice for ad hoc meeting areas, s...read more
  • Yamaha YVC-1000

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    The YVC-1000 is an intuitive, unified-communications audio solution for medium-to-large conference spaces that call for flexible audio, web, or video conferencing. The YVC-1000 features separate microphone and speaker units that smoothly integrate audio and video for natural, comfortable, remo...read more
  • FLX


    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Are you ready to color outside the lines when it comes to your audio and videoconferencing? Then leave “business as usual” behind for an experience like no other with the Revolabs FLX wireless conference phone. The FLX completely redefines the traditional design of conference phones. De...read more
  • FLX™ UC 500

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    From desktop workspaces to conference rooms, the Revolabs FLX UC 500 sets the new audio standard for PC-based unified communications applications. Combining industry-leading technology for speakers, microphones, and audio processing, the FLX UC 500 improves all aspects of audio handling for yo...read more
  • FLX™ UC 1000

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    FLX™ UC 1000 IP and USB Conference Phone Incorporating the same exceptional audio technology as the award-winning FLX family of products - including the FLX wireless conference phone and the FLX UC 500 USB conference phone - the FLX UC 1000 sets a new standard in conference ph...read more
  • Revolabs FLX™ UC 1500

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Enterprise IP and USB Conference Phone with Extension Microphone Larger conference rooms within corporate enterprises require additional microphones at the ends of the table to ensure quality call performance. Current solutions for this scenario involve connecting multiple units for ...read more
  • Elite Wired Microphones

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Crystal Clear Audio Capture for All Conference Spaces Revolabs' Elite Wired Microphones provide users with a unique combination of exceptional performance features and contemporary design elements to meet the demands of various conference environments. Using the same form factor and user interface...read more
  • HD-Dual

    HD Dual

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Looking for a mobile audio solution to take your videoconferencing to the next level, without the unsightly clutter of wires? Look no further than the Revolabs HD Single/Dual Channel wireless microphone system. With its one or two wireless microphones, superior HD audio quality, and extremely small...read more
  • Exec-HD

    Executive HD

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    For demanding environments such as high-end boardrooms and large auditoriums, the need for exceptional audio quality for presentations, audio and videoconferencing, and more is only the beginning. These settings require audio solutions with unmatched versatility to accommodate the size and unique n...read more
  • New-Executive-Elite

    Executive Elite plus Gooseneck & Wired Mics

    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Revolabs Executive Elite 4- and 8-channel wireless microphone systems  These systems/mics are the latest products in the Revolabs family of boardroom and conference room audio solutions. They are architected to support deployments requiring increased numbers of microphones, provide e...read more
  • Revolabs-Fusion


    ScanSource Communications, US/Canada
    Do you need an audio solution for videoconferences, but don’t want to invest in a rack full of audio equipment? Revolabs has the answer with the Fusion™ wireless microphone system, which provides a complete solution for mid-to-large-sized conference rooms. The system packs a wirele...read more