Executive Elite™ 2-Channel Wireless Microphone System

  • RF Armor™ technology prevents interference from other electronics
  • Local and remote management for flexible and convenient administration
  • Easily stay fully-charged with four-microphone charging base
  • Mix and match wearable, gooseneck, and tabletop microphones*
  • *Revolabs Elite wireless microphones sold separately
Executive Elite is our third-generation, most technically advanced system - providing our unmatched quality for natural and intelligible sound. Our innovative audio processing ensures audiences hear and understand the speaker with ease - because of our ability to capture and replay the rich intonation of the human voice with such clarity. And that clear, natural sound can extend well beyond the walls of the auditorium or lecture hall. Audio from the two microphones can be sent to recording software for exceptional lecture recordings. When combined with an installed video system, remote audiences will hear the presentation as clearly as people listening live in the room.