Elite Wired Microphones

  • Multiple color options (black, white, brushed nickel)
  • Omni-directional & directional (cardioid) models
  • Unmatched performance, audio quality, dependability
  • Optional permanent mounting adapter
  • Revolabs' RF Armor™ protects against RF noise on the mic & wiring
  • Mix-and-match wired & wireless microphones
Crystal Clear Audio Capture for All Conference Spaces

Revolabs' Elite Wired Microphones provide users with a unique combination of exceptional performance features and contemporary design elements to meet the demands of various conference environments. Using the same form factor and user interface as Revolabs Executive Elite Wireless Microphones, the new Elite Wired Microphones are also ideal for environments in which wired and wireless microphones are used in tandem, increasing the maximum number of microphones available in a space, and combining wireless flexibility with the security of wired microphones. Part of an installed audio solution, Revolabs’ Elite Wired Microphones can be integrated with audio post-processing and mixing appliances in support of any unified communications application, as well as other applications requiring audio support.

Revolabs Elite Wired Microphones provide our superior audio quality, setting new standards for signal-to-noise ratio and the supported frequency range. The microphones are impervious to GSM noise from other wireless devices.