Revolabs Executive Elite 4- and 8-Channel Next Generation Wireless Microphone Systems

Revolabs Executive Elite 4- and 8-channel wireless microphone systems 
These systems/mics are the latest products in the Revolabs family of boardroom and conference room audio solutions. They are architected to support deployments requiring increased numbers of microphones, provide enhanced integration with room control systems, leverage a distributed architecture for straightforward, trouble-free installations, and facilitate remote management capabilities. Finally, the Executive Elite products feature the industry-leading audio quality required for exceptional audio and videoconferencing.

Now shipping Elite Wired and Gooseneck Microphones!
Crystal Clear Audio Capture for All Conference Spaces
Revolabs Elite Wired Microphones provide users with a unique combination of exceptional performance features and contemporary design elements, to meet the demands of various conference environments. Using the same form factor and user interface as Revolabs Executive Elite Wireless Microphones, the new Elite Wired Microphones are also ideal for environments in which wired and wireless microphones are used in tandem, increasing the maximum number of microphones available in a space and combining wireless flexibility with the security of wired microphones.

Gooseneck Tabletop Microphones — 6 inches or 12 inches
For boardroom and conference settings where participants require individual microphones, Revolabs Executive Elite Gooseneck microphones provide the perfect solution in 6-inch and 12-inch versions.

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