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  • Adtran Wireless Access Points

    Adtran Wireless Access Points

    ScanSource Communications
    ADTRAN’s family of high-performance Access Points (APs) are the perfect fit for enterprises looking to deploy secure wireless networks. Whether you want to add wireless to your office or light-up an entire campus, ADTRAN’s APs are designed to meet your needs....read more
  • Aruba 200 Series

    Aruba 200 Series

    ScanSource Communications
    Multifunctional and affordable 200 series 802.11ac wireless APs maximize mobile device performance in medium-density enterprise Wi-Fi environments. These compact and cost-effective dual-radio APs deliver wireless data rates of up to 867 Mbps to 5-GHz devices with 802.11ac technology leveraging two ...read more
  • Aruba 205H

    Aruba 205H

    ScanSource Communications
    The multifunctional and affordable AP-205H access point combines high-performance wireless mobility with wired Gigabit Ethernet access in a surprisingly compact device. This compact and cost-effective dual-radio AP easily mounts to a standard data wall-box and uses the existing structured cabling s...read more
  • Aruba 228

    Aruba 228

    ScanSource Communications
    Rugged 228 wireless APs deliver gigabit Wi-Fi performance to 802.11ac mobile devices in harsh, weather-protected environments such as warehouses, industrial freezers or enclosures in extreme environments such as stadiums. With a maximum data rate of 1.3 Gbps in the 5-GHz band and 600 Mbps in the 2....read more
  • Aruba 270 Series

    Aruba 270 Series

    ScanSource Communications
    Innovative and aesthetically-designed 270 series outdoor wireless access points deliver gigabit Wi-Fi performance to 802.11ac mobile devices under any weather conditions. The 270 series is also the only outdoor AP that enables 802.11n clients to operate three-times faster at greater distances. Purp...read more
  • Aruba 320 Series

    Aruba 320 Series

    ScanSource Communications
    Multifunctional 320 series wireless APs provide the best 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity and user experience. Featuring enhanced ClientMatch and Beacon technologies, the 320 series enables the highest capacity, performance, and efficiency in extremely high density environments. With a maximum concurren...read more
  • Aruba Indoor Access Points

    Aruba Indoor Access Points

    ScanSource Communications
    Aruba 802.11ac and 802.11n access points (APs) deliver superb Wi-Fi performance to a wide range of indoor and outdoor environments. Aruba access points leverage patented ClientMatch™ technology to ensure that devices are connected to the best AP, which prevents the Wi-Fi network from slowing down a...read more
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