Network Cables & Adapters from Top Brands

As your business grows, make sure your network can keep up. At ScanSource Communications, we understand the complexities and challenges of business growth, including the need for to support more communications data without downtime. Our high performance network cables and adapters are hand selected by experts to ensure fast and reliable networking. Our portfolio includes a variety of cables in different lengths and capacities to power up or connect any type of network hardware or device. Find USB cables, server cables, serial card cables, antenna cables and more that offer improved networking efficiency. Built specifically for industry-leading network hardware, our brand-name networking cables and adapters ensure a reliable connection for the best performance for your customers.
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  • Extreme Cables, Connectors & Adapters

    Extreme Cables, Connectors & Adapters

    Brocade Optics, Adapters and Cables

    Brocade Optics, Adapters and Cables

    Digi Device Server Cables

    Choose from a variety of types and sizes for cabling to fit your unique Digi Device Server Solution.

  • Digi USB Cables

    USB Cables for Digi Products

    Extreme Networks Power Cables

    Please be sure to order power cords for the following product families: •Wireless appliances and external power supplies •Software and security appliances •Fixed edge switches: A4, B5, C5 and D2