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  • MultiModem ISI Modem Cards

    MultiModem ISI Modem Cards

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    The MultiModem ISI modem card delivers dial-up remote access or can be used as a dedicated fax server. It provides four or eight built-in high-speed modems for low-cost, high-density, server-based remote access. The MultiModem ISI integrates into legacy equipment, making it ideal for companies that...read more
  • MultiModem ZBA Modem

    MultiModem ZBA Modem

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    The MultiModem ZBA business modem provides high-speed data, remote configuration for centralized setup and control, and callback security making the ZBA our most popular modem for business applications. In addition, it is globally approved to ship internationally for wide-scale deployment....read more
  • MultiModem ZDX Modem

    MultiModem ZDX Modem

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    The MultiModem ZDX delivers the highest-speed dial-up for integrated voice, data transfers and faxing capabilities making it ideal for the mainstream PC market, as well as with UNIX, medical and retail POS applications....read more
  • MultiTech Analog Modems

    MultiTech Analog Modems

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    MultiTech modems connect legacy equipment to the IP network easily and affordably with PSTN connectivity via serial, USB or PCI-type (e.g., UPCI- or PCIE-bus) devices. External modems are available for synchronous and asynchronous equipment, and support dial-up, 2- or 4-wire leased line service. A...read more
  • MultiTech MultiConnect Cell 100 Modem

    MultiTech MultiConnect Cell 100 Modem

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    The MultiConnect Cell 100 Series cellular modems are fully certified and carrier approved, so you can deploy faster and get your devices communicating. The MultiConnect Cell 100 Series deliver fast, secure data for remote operations, and integrate easily to extend the life of legacy equipment. Seve...read more
  • QuickCarrier USB-D Dongles

    QuickCarrier USB-D Dongles

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    The QuickCarrier USB-D cellular external dongle is an industrial-grade USB that plugs directly into devices to enable immediate communication with your carrier network. The QuickCarrier USB-D delivers a path to upgrade for existing equipment in the field, as technology evolves, it evolves, so you c...read more