Wire Tools & Cable Cutting Kits for Maintained Power & Data Management

Wire tools and cable cutting kits provide the precision necessary to cut, strip and manipulate a vast array of materials for maximized power and data system performance. Designed for universal use in all applications requiring network cabling and power consumption wiring, these wire tools and cable cutting kits deliver the precision needed for clean cuts and safe stripping. Multi-use wire tools offer affordable and comfortable versatility. At ScanSource Communications, our linecard of hand-held cable and wire tools includes only best-of-breed products. Copper wire snippers enable flush conductor cuts, boosting system reliability. Cable splicing kits and other special purpose knives enable safe, effective and fast power and data management. Heavy duty steel blades withstand frequent cable jacket scoring and sawing and compactly designed sharp, chisel-shaped lead cable openers provide fast, easy cable cutting. Pocket-sized wire tools and cable cutting kits effectively cut telephone wires and strip insulation quickly via special-purpose coping-type blades manufactured from industry-leading cutlery steel.
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