PoE extenders offer affordable network expansion solutions that maximize connectivity range via high-powered data rate support. These industry-leading PoE devices deliver 802.3 (25.5W) of power at a distance of up to 200 meters for excellent reliability. Powered by standard PoE inputs, available Po ...... Learn more »

Injectors and Midspans

Industry-leading PoE injectors and midspans deliver reliable uninterrupted power supply (UPS) to WLAN access points, network security cameras, IP phones, VoIP phones, high power terminals and other Ethernet-connected devices. Designed for high power applications in IT departments, cost-effective Po ...... Learn more »


A PoE splitter ensures PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices such as IP phones, network security cameras, wireless LAN access points and other kinds of data terminals are powered via LAN inputs and corresponding switches and midspans. Ideal for retail, warehousing, manufacturing, headquarter and branch ...... Learn more »


PoE testers ensure network cabling infrastructure, including PoE midspans and endspans, are powered by either IEEE 802.af or IEEE 802.3 Ethernet connectivity. Functioning over Cat5 or better cabling, these PoE testers are manufactured by industry-leading companies for long-lasting test quality. Gre ...... Learn more »