PoE Splitters Enable Standard PoE Power for Data Terminals.

A PoE splitter ensures PoE (Power over Ethernet) devices such as IP phones, network security cameras, wireless LAN access points and other kinds of data terminals are powered via LAN inputs and corresponding switches and midspans. Ideal for retail, warehousing, manufacturing, headquarter and branch office applications, we offer industry-leading PoE splitters that boast a MTBF (Mean Time between Failure) rate of 100,000 hours for operational longevity. Installed between PoE midspans and other devices, high power PoE splitters physically divide data and power streams into two separate cords (LAN and DC) before delivering both to the attached PoE device, eliminating Ethernet-powered incompatibility. Simplified installation and lower voltage levels eliminate setup difficulty and increase safety in legacy networks.

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