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  • Adtran UC Software Licenses

    Adtran UC Software Licenses

    ScanSource Communications
    "UC provides: •Windows-based VoIP telephony and legacy PBX integration •Simple, centralized administration using Microsoft Active Directory •Calls, messages and notifications when and where employees need them •Back-office integration tools that link it all together •Cut costs and complexity. Respo...read more
  • Enterprise Mobility Management

    Enterprise Mobility Management

    ScanSource Communications
    Mobility Management solution supports the entire lifecycle of all mobile devices accessing your network and includes Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), to let you remotely manage devices and applications. We utilize a Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment model to leverage cloud technology for...read more
  • Mitel MiCC Software

    Mitel MiCC Software

    ScanSource Communications
    MiCollab is the flexible, affordable real-time communications and team collaboration solution that can be implemented on any network or mobile device to enable faster, more effective business communications...read more
  • Mitel MiCollab Software

    Mitel MiCollab Software

    ScanSource Communications
    Mitel MiCollab delivers unified messaging, mobility, teleworking, and audio, web and video conferencing services tailored to the needs of today's mobile workforce...read more
  • Mitel MiVoice Business Software

    Mitel MiVoice Business Software

    ScanSource Communications
    MiVoice Business can help your business with addressing communications-based solutions tailored to the different needs of your employees. Whether it’s related to job roles, varying levels of mobility within or outside of the business, or daily use of industry frameworks, Mitel MiVoice Business has ...read more
  • Mitel MiVoice Office Software

    Mitel MiVoice Office Software

    ScanSource Communications
    Mitel MiVoice unified communications platforms offers a complete range of flexible communications platforms - from modular on-premise solutions to a single, cloud-ready software stream that supports a range of deployment models....read more