Should you sell into the healthcare market?

Considering that the US healthcare market represents a significant portion of our nation’s economy, not to mention the federal government’s push to bring more technology into this space, selling into healthcare can be very lucrative for resellers.

Government Gateway helps resellers find such success by providing the most up-to-date information on healthcare products, solutions, success stories, industry links, and other resources designed to help grow your knowledge of the healthcare vertical, while at the same time helping you close more sales opportunities.

Healthcare Products

An integral part of creating the right solutions for your customers in the healthcare space is having access to the very best audio, data networking, telephony, and videoconferencing products. ScanSource Communications not only maintains a linecard of industry-leading communications products that a ...... Learn more »

Healthcare Promotions

An important function of Government Gateway is to help resellers be as profitable as possible in the healthcare market. Exclusive promotions that include special pricing, deep discounts, rebate offers, and more are scheduled around the bidding cycle to help put you ahead of your competition. ...... Learn more »

Healthcare Market Opportunities

Technology in the healthcare market is exploding with opportunities around every corner. And while selling into healthcare can be complex, Government Gateway is here to help you steer through this ever-changing market. In this section you’ll get information on whom to approach, how to approac ...... Learn more »

Healthcare Resources

Your search for healthcare information begins right here! Government Gateway provides the ultimate resource for everything related to audio, data networking, telephony, and videoconferencing. Bookmark this site, as it’s updated regularly with information to help you win in the healthcare ma ...... Learn more »