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Why Brand Development?

Your brand is your company’s statement to the world, and let’s face it…first impressions do impact the way prospects will think of you! ScanSource's Marketing Team can help you refresh, redesign, or overhaul your brand to keep it distinct and relevant in today’s marketplace.

From brand development to corporate identity, we help find effective ways to promote your brand.


Brand Development Sessions

Did you know your company has a personality? Well, it does. Your company’s personality is based on how you are perceived both within your company and externally by your customers. It’s important to not only know how you want to be perceived, but to also understand how you are currently being perceived and how to change that perception if necessary. Our brand development session specialists will help you determine what your personality is, and how you can best personify it in the marketplace. The process takes you through a series of interviews, covering the below topics, that will help define your brand and determine how to position it in the most effective way.

  • Brand Research
  • Current Communication Plan Analysis
  • Desired and Current Marketplace Positioning
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Your Brand Personality

Corporate Identity

After completing a brand development session, it often makes sense to freshen up the face of your brand through a corporate identity makeover. In this process, we use your brand personality to strategically develop your logo, tagline and even print/web design templates. How is this strategic, you ask? Well, every color, shape, and font has a story to tell about your brand. We start with a variety of different concepts and get your feedback on what you do an don’t like about each one, so that we can take all the best features that create your identity. You will walk away with marketing collateral that has consistent branding.


Promotional Services

It’s hard to beat that feeling of getting something for free, isn’t it? Whether they use it or not, studies show that recipients of promotional items hold onto them much longer than collateral and email. What better way to help your target audience remember who you are, than having branded merchandise sitting on their desk with your company name and contact information? Think of it as longer shelf life for your brand awareness efforts. Whether is promotional mailer campaigns, giveaway items for an upcoming event, or thank you gifts, we can help find brandable items for your theme, goals, and budget. Ask us for ideas, or if you already know what you are looking for, you can order directly from our promotional store.

We can also help you personalize your shipments sent through our warehouse to your customers by adding your logo and contact information to the packing slips. Customized Packing Slips are especially beneficial to our partners who drop-ship directly from the ScanSource Distribution Center to their end-user customers. Contact us to design your custom packing slip today.


Vehicle Wraps

Looking for new ways to drive your Brand this year? Your fleet is already visiting your target audience – leave a lasting impression through Vehicle Wraps. Our specialists design, produce, and install high quality vinyl graphics wraps for cars, trucks and vans anywhere in the United States. These wraps are digitally printed on adhesive 3M film and can be easily removed without harming the vehicle. Ask us about "Ad Here" wrap designs that allow for interchangeable promotions, logos and ads! Let us partner with you to determine the best design for your brand as well as provide ongoing support as your vehicles hit the road. Call today.