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Why Lead Generation?

Did you know that the average prospect requires at least seven positive touches from a new brand before they begin to associate brand awareness? True lead generation requires ongoing long-term efforts, consistent branding, and the right messaging to the intended audience. 

ScanSource's marketing team can help you put together a strategic lead generation plan that fits with your goals and ensures you are doing all the right things when it comes to generating leads.  Check out some of our services below.


Multiple Touch Campaigns

We typically recommend a multiple-touch approach to help you communicate with your audience in the way that they desire to be contacted.  This involves targeting the same audience with different ongoing tactical methods to help nurture your target audience into a true lead.  Some of our tactics include (but are certainly not limited to!):

  • Emails and Landing Pages – whether it’s a drip campaign, cross media campaign with  personalized images, or just a single-event email, we offer the creative design and execution for all your needs.
  • Telemarketing – leverage our industry-experienced telemarketing services for all your telemarketing needs: appointment setting, surveys, event registration, prospect qualification and more.
  • Target Prospect List – all successful lead generation starts with a quality target list.  We partner with the most respected database provider in the industry, Hoovers, to launch lead generation campaigns that target your focus audience.
  • Direct Mail – there is still something nostalgic about receiving something in the mail.  We can help you design, print and mail anything from postcards and brochures to multi-dimensional promotion mailers in a way that will grab your audiences attention and help drive desired behavior.
  • Advertising – Sales flyers, magazine ads, electronic flyers, web banners…if it can be designed we can help!  We can even help print and place in relevant online ad space or publications.

Content Development

Success starts with the right target audience, content, and messaging. If you don't have content that is relevant to your audience, then you may as well consider your efforts wasted. You've probably heard us say "content is king"? Here are a few of the things that we can help you develop outside of the traditional message:

  • Whitepapers that address your audience's biggest challenges and concerns today
  • Case studies that walk prospects through a real scenario of someone you helped
  • Videos to leverage in emails and on-demand presentations
  • Promotions and trade-in programs, a great way to grab attention and loyalty
  • Brochures, collateral, ads, flyers

All lead generation campaigns need a great call-to-action.  Without it, your audience won't know what to do next.  And therefore...they won't!  We can help brainstorm the best call-to-actions for each of your tactical approaches, whether it be a demo request, on-demand presentation, free site survey, or more!  Call us for a free 30 minute consultation today!


Live Events

Whether it’s a large-scale trade show or a casual lunch-n-learn, we can help you plan an event or series of events that will impress your customers and help you build relationships that grow your business. We offer our assistance for everything from beginning to end.  We can work with almost any budget, anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Here are a few of the most common ways we help partners:

  • Pre-event marketing to help drive attendance
  • Post-event marketing to encourage next steps
  • Creative assistance with theme, printed materials and promo items
  • Booth display, layout, graphics and setup/teardown
  • Event location research, planning, scheduling, setup, and A/V needs
  • Catering
  • Special activities (I.e., golf, simulation experience, tour, etc.)
  • Name badges, attendance tracking

Online Events

Sometimes it’s difficult for your target audience to take the time out of his or her busy schedule to attend an event in person, and sometimes you’d like to reach a much wider audience than your budget will allow. That’s where online events can really make a difference. We offer two scalable options that  allow for optimum contact between the presenter and audience.

Our traditional web seminars allow for live interaction with a presenter at a set time/date. We can help drive attendance, host the registration page and event, provide tracking reports, and even offer post-event follow-up support. Each event is recorded so that you will have a playback link to use in follow-up communications and on your website.   

Perhaps you are looking for an option that offers more flexibility for your target audience. Our on-demand presentations offer a cutting-edge way to get your message across to your target audience  at your audience’s convenience. Provide your audience with an interactive experience through a powerful combination of video and content like: PowerPoint, a live website, surveys, case studies, whitepapers, and much more. The template can be branded for you and the supporting vendors of your choice, and even offers a way to post ads to feature special promotions and products.

Your audience will be able to play, pause, fast forward, rewind, toggle views, and even interact with hyperlinks and more. The final presentation can live on your website or landing page, and will stay active for as long as you need. The best part is, we can switch out slides, attachments, ads, promotions, and more down the road, should something change - without having to re-record like you would have to do in a live web seminar! 



Marketing Forms

  • Telemarketing form  Ready to move forward with your telemarketing project? Please complete this form to help with the script development as well as accurately train and prepare our telemarketing team with adequate company and campaign knowledge.


  • Database request form  Ready to see what type of contacts we can find? Please complete the following form so we can review our database and export a preview for you to approve before purchase. Please note that while we are not able to guarantee 100% accurate contact information, we do back all hard email bounces or disconnected phone numbers with a refund when proof is provided.