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Why Strategic Planning?

Your priority is growing your bottom line. But how do you get there? Send an email blast and hope they call? Not quite. Successful marketing requires a true understanding of your target audience, your strengths and weaknesses, and a defined strategic communications plan.

ScanSource's marketing team can help you develop a marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals to accelerate growth, enhance brand awareness and communicate your mission and vision to your team and your audience.


Strategic Marketing Plans

This process involves a deep understanding of your goals, audience, competition, and core values to develop a plan for reaching your target audience through strategic marketing tactics. You will walk away with a tactical plan that sets the foundation for proactive marketing activities throughout the year, which are necessary to effectively reach your target market, and keep the leads rolling in. This plan includes defined recommended marketing actions and suggested timelines based on your budget and goals.


Strategic Marketing Consultant

If you need some extra help implementing your marketing strategy, but don’t want to take on the overhead cost of adding an additional employee, we can help! Our strategic marketing consultant services provides you with a dedicated marketing specialist that serves as your VP of marketing, to help you stay focused on executing your marketing plan. We will work with you to creating a custom package of dedicated consulting hours per month that best suits your business needs.


Corporate Communications Plans

If communicating with your target audience isn’t your strong suite, we can help. Our communications plans provide you with strategic messaging to utilize in your outbound marketing communications and help drive desired behavior. We can help you define the best way to grab the attention of your intended target audience (I.e., Director of Technologies or Purchasing Manager) by identifying with their pain points and positioning your core values. We can even help determine the best call-to-action to help drive behavior as well as recommend the best avenues for getting your message out (I.e., public relations, marketing campaigns, social media, your website, and more).


Public Relations

A good public relations strategy is much more than crisis control. The ScanSource Services marketing team can help you maximize visibility with a media tool kit. This tool kit will be specialized for your company’s needs and include influencer lists, key messaging, editorial opportunities, and a special events calendar. In addition, it will include a content strategy for things like whitepapers, press releases and thought-leadership blogs – all focused on stimulating sales. We can even guide you to the right media outlets, or send press releases on your behalf. All you have to do is say the word!